Sequart releases book on Morrison’s THE FILTH

by Jeff

FilthCover Sequart releases book on Morrison's THE FILTHMedia Release — Sequart Research & Literacy Organization ( is proud to announce the release of its newest book of comics analysis, Curing the Postmodern Blues: Reading Grant Morrison and Chris Weston’s The Filth in the 21st Century by Tom Shapira.

Published in 2002-2003, The Filth is disgusting, deeply disturbing, and a comic-book masterpiece that inoculates readers against the problems of the postmodern condition. So says Shapira, who also explores The Filth’s relationship to Morrison’s The Invisibles, to the 1999 film The Matrix, to the work of Alan Moore, and much more.

The book includes exclusive interviews with Grant Morrison, Chris Weston, and inker Gary Erskine, plus art from Weston that was censored in the printed comic!

Running 186 pages, the book retails for $12.99 in print and is available on Kindle for $5.99. Also, it sports a cover by Xeric winner Kevin Colden (Fishtown, I Rule the Night).

Curing the Postmodern Blues is part of Sequart’s growing library of Grant Morrison-related material, which also includes Timothy Callahan’s Grant Morrison: The Early Years, Patrick Meaney’s Our Sentence is Up: Seeing Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles, and the documentary film Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods.

About the Publisher: Sequart Research & Literacy Organization is a non-profit devoted to the study and promotion of comic books as a legitimate art form. It publishes books and documentaries aimed at making comics scholarship accessible. For more information, click here.

Legal Disclaimer: The Filth and related characters are trademarked Grant Morrison and Chris Weston. This book is not endorsed by DC Comics / Vertigo.

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