SEDUCTIONS Offers Unique Perspective – Plus Vampires!

by Jeff

A history of seduction and how techniques have evolved with the changing roles of women may seem like an odd subtext for a comic book, but Writer Gary Scott Beatty wanted to offer readers something unique with his book “Seductions,” listed for comic shop preorder in January 2008’s Previews catalog.

“The first piece of advice every writer receives is, ‘Write what you know,'” said Beatty. “I’m not claiming to be some great lover, but I spent a lot of time working in bars watching how groups of people pair off through the night. As I got older I noticed how women’s attitudes toward the chase changed through the decades.”

Beatty explained that, as a member of several bar bands, he had a unique perspective on the mating ritual. “Most of the bar is watching the band, but people don’t realize the band is also watching them.”

The vampire “hero” of “Seductions” is caught in a maddening cycle. He wakes 10 years after each feeding. The world changes around him and only two things remain: his desire to feed and a yearning for a long lost love.

The done-in-one short story comic book features impressive pencils by “Oz,” “Dark Oz” and “Land of Oz” illustrator Bill Bryan and computer-over-pencils coloring by Beatty. As graphic as the book sounds, both artist and writer decided to play it cool. “We could have dipped the book in blood, but subtle horror is what really creeps me out,” said Beatty.

“I was talking the script over with Bill at the beginning, saying I wasn’t sure how to classify the story to explain it to people. Bill informed me ‘Seductions’ is a love story.” Beatty laughed. “It sure isn’t anything like any love story I’ve ever read! I’d say ‘Sex and the City’ from a male perspective, with vampires.”

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