Secret Invasion Tie-ins Return For Second Printings

by Jeff

The summer blockbuster Secret Invasion keeps on rolling and has no plans to stop! With the Skrulls making their presence known in all corners of the Marvel Universe, things are looking pretty grim. Secret Invasion has everyone just about ready to “Embrace Change” and craving more. In order to meet fan demand, Marvel is pleased to announce that it will be going back to print with THREE Secret Invasion tie-ins that have sold out at Diamond (copies may still be available at retail level)! In order to fully understand the Skrulls’ plan and how our heroes are working to stop them at all costs, these tie-ins give you the full scope on just how serious and dangerous the Skrulls really are!

The unsuspecting invaders had no idea what they were headed into when coasting into San Francisco. Secret Invasion: X-Men #1 (of 4) (Second Printing Variant) by drops us right into the heart of California as everyone favorite band of mutants teams together to stop the impending invasion. The Skrulls have not done their homework and with the X-Men catching the Skrulls off guard, they currently have the upper hand…but for how much longer?

Meanwhile, on the moon, Tony Stark and a grieving Medusa begin the hunt for the Inhuman’s former king. Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1 (of 4) (Second Printing Variant), by writer Joe Pokaski (TV’s Heroes), takes us inside the politics of the royal family and we catch a quick glimse of what the Skrulls plan to do with Blackbolt. If they do not act fast, the consequences will be dire. Combine all this suspense with a cover featuring the interior art by Tom Raney, this issue cannot be missed!

Finally in the middle of Oklahoma, Skrull ships are parked in its airspace. With the Skrulls gunning for Asgard, the small-town of Broxton is sure to get caught in the crossfire. Secret Invasion: Thor #1 (of 3) by superstar writer Matt Fraction, sees the return of one of Omega Flight’s best, BETA RAY BILL! With two cities destined for destruction, is there anyway to deflect the damage?

Half time is over and so far the Skrulls have outmatched our heroes. With the Invasion at large, is there any hope left for Earth? Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Secret Invasion and all tie-ins, as they continue to sell out quickly at Diamond. The Skrulls are here…its time to embrace change.

Written by JOE POKASKI
Pencils and Cover by TOM RANEY
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 9/4, On-Sale – 9/24/2008

SIINH12nd Secret Invasion Tie-ins Return For Second Printings

Pencils and Cover by DOUG BRAITHWAITE
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 9/4, On-Sale – 9/24/2008

SITHOR12nd Secret Invasion Tie-ins Return For Second Printings

Written by MIKE CAREY
Pencils and Cover by CARY NORD
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 9/4, On-Sale – 9/24/2008

SIXMEN12nd Secret Invasion Tie-ins Return For Second Printings

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