Secret Invasion #6 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Secret Invasion #6 REVIEW

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Secret Invasion #6 of 8
Marvel Comics
Bendis, Yu, Morales & Martin

Ah the war has finally gotten Earth’s heroes to hit back. The Marvel trinity is reunited in this issue and things seem to swing the other way. Or does it? This issue is an entertaining and fun comic to read. There’s a huge cast, but there is a little something for fans of many of the characters. The artwork has a lot to shoulder here and does a great job not getting caught trying to do too much.

As always the issue opens with an excellent recap page. This has been a godsend from my perspective as so much has and does happen in the tie-ins that I’d probably be more lost issue to issue in the main series.

Marvel Boy enters the mix and has an interesting discussion with Mar-vell. Although it happens on the first page I’d rather not spoil what is said between them. It could be important down the road. It was a nice character moment to start of the issue. From here we get a lap around the battles with some propaganda from the Skrulls over the monitor to the loud speakers. It serves as a reminder that there is a lot going on in the other titles and that truly the Marvel Universe has been swallowed up.

jul082305d Secret Invasion #6 REVIEW

Back at Skrull headquarters we see that the Skrull leadership team is a little concerned with how the battles have been going. Also, we find out that a mole or spy is amidst the heroes. It’s an interesting development that they lay on us here in the later stages of the invasion.

Finally the heroes start to figure stuff out. When they show up in New York they find Fury and company as well others to regroup with. Meanwhile, Thor enters and he’s pissed. He meets the new Captain America and it would seem this is the first time they’ve met at all. I was a little disappointed with how Bucky was portrayed here. He really doesn’t seem to have his own unique voice.

Finally the battle begins really begins with the Skrulls with cry: Avengers Assemble! Back to back double splash pages end the issue in grand fashion.

This was a great comic. It’s not crazy complicated or overly clever. It’s just a lot of fun. I like stories where the heroes are divided up and things look bleak and then they throw it all together in the end but with some sort of twist to make a little more difficult. This is what we are getting here.

The artwork is excellent. There is a buildup to the double splash pages is really well thought out. The art has some level of urgency to it but the score on the battles brings up the whole level of this comic’s art.

As an event I don’t know where this thing rates. As a fun read with a ton of characters I am finding it to be a lot fun. Sure, they are trying to give some character interaction and moments and with some, like Iron Man, they are nailing it, but with others, like Cap, they are missing so far. For the most part it’s just a huge good versus evil story. I am having fun reading this thing though and I’m looking forward to the end.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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