Secret Invasion #3

by Jeff
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Secret Invasion #3
Marvel Comics

I’m no Marvel Zombie. I hold no allegiance or preference for any particular brand or company when it comes to comic books. Marvel by no means has been hitting home runs with me every time lately, One More/Brand New Day being the best example. But Secret Invasion is pushing all the right buttons for me, and issue #3 was a double or triple, far outreaching the bunt that Final Crisis #1 was.

You want action? You’ve got it. You want intrigue? Ditto. Are the people claiming to be Skrulls really Skrulls? Are the people claiming not to be Skrulls really not Skrulls? Are the characters being blown to bits really dead? And can the one man who seems to understand the threat the Marvel Universe is facing, the one man who has planned for months to find the best means to fight back, save the day? Only one way to tell!

Buy this issue and find #1 and #2. The only thing lacking is the artwork (I don’t think Yu is bad, just not the right choice for this series), but overall you won’t be disappointed.

feb082242d Secret Invasion #3
Secret Invasion #1 (of 8) Blank Cover Convention Variant Edition
nocover Secret Invasion #3
Secret Invasion #1 Directors Cut
mar082203d Secret Invasion #3
Secret Invasion #2 (of 8)
apr082292d Secret Invasion #3
Secret Invasion #3 (of 8)
MAY082300D Secret Invasion #3
Secret Invasion #4 (of 8)
JUN082346D Secret Invasion #3
Secret Invasion #5 (of 8)

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