Season three of Ted Naifeh’s NIGHT’S DOMINION continues

by Jeff

* Season three of Ted Naifeh's NIGHT'S DOMINION continuesMedia Release — Live today on Kindle, Comixology, iTunes, and GooglePlay, comes Night’s Dominion Season 3 from famed comics creator, Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin, Princess Ugg). The first digital issue was released on July 25, with subsequent issues releasing in a series of four.

Issue #2 (Available Now)
With its new lawkeepers showing their true colors as cruel oppressors, the people of Umber rise up to resist. But they need a hero to inspire them. If Grael loses all hope, and the Furie’s wound proves fatal, who is left to lead the people against the Amaraddan Guard?

Issue #3
Now that Umber has recovered its stolen wealth, thanks to six intrepid thieves, the wounded city begins the arduous task of setting things back to some kind of order. But the architect of Umber’s misfortunes still operates in the shadows, and he will subvert death itself to feed his greed and malice.

Issue #4
Resurrected through necromancy, gifted with terrible strength and power, the Amaraddan Captain intends to assert his authority over Umber, no matter what. With all other heroes defeated, it’s up to Emerane alone to stand against him. But can the Night overcome a foe who has overcome death itself?

Praise for Night’s Dominion

“If you’ve ever felt the thrill of starting an adventure with a group of friends and their freshly rolled up characters, this book is for you. If you just like damn good comics, this book is for you.” – Nerdist

“This bold, ambitious debut is one of the best sword and sorcery fantasy comics available right now […] Great atmosphere, the story itself concluded well, it points towards more interesting things to come and invests the reader in the players. Great stuff.” – CBR

“Night’s Dominion is a great book in the fantasy genre, the story is unexpected and powerful.” – Outright Geekery

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