Scorpion’s Sting

by Norman Robinson III

117765_681b589b3df4243d1dc51c0f9788641ab2fd8e4c-201x300 Scorpion's Sting

The Scorpion’s alter ego Mac Gargan appeared at the end of Spider-man:  Homecoming this summer.  His appearance has probably been the catalyst for a rise in price and ranking for ASM #20.  Scorpion’s first origin and creation as a villain in the Amazing Spider-man universe are in ASM #20.  Currently, Scorpion has risen 17 places to 59 in the most popular Silver age books by GoCollect.  That only represents the last month and a half from October 1st through till current date of November 17th.

For the last two years, this book is also on the rise and several early appearances of Scorpion in ASM have been going up at about the same rate in ranking and price. Currently, the average increase in price over the last two years has been somewhere between 26% to 36% give, or take, and it’s profitable even to own the low grade. GoCollect has a current cost of a bad readable copy of CGC at 2.5 for around $125.

Scorpions are terrifying to look at in person, and you don’t want that tail to sting you.  How will our friendly neighborhood Spider-man take on the strength, speed and mechanical tail of the Scorpion?  We can just imagine Peter Parker is in for a rough time. It is going to make for a heck of a movie sequel, and I think this increase in the price of Scorpion reflects that event.  Pick up a decent copy of Amazing Spider-Man #20 in the 3.0 to 5.0 range.  Expensive but not any more than a utility bill. My advice is to keep the purchase in the middle comic book grades, and you could see stingingly high returns.

The Wisdom of Solomon, and the speed of Mercury…

Shazam #1 is the first appearance of DC Captain Marvel since the Golden Age.  Purchasing Shazam #1 is utterly speculative.  There is some talk of a potential Captain Marvel appearance in an upcoming movie, and, or a Captain Marvel movie where The Rock plays a primary villain.  So it doesn’t take the strength of Hercules to lift up that back issue bin cover and grab a copy.

Comic resellers are speculating around the clock over this book. It is the first appearance of Captain Marvel in the Bronze Age.  Not since the Golden Age has this character been preeminent, and speculation that he might just be popular today.  Finally,  with a solid villain like The Rock as his nemisis, you can’t go wrong.  Currently, ranked 18th among most popular comics of Bronze Age by GoCollect.

This comic has returned 17.5 % over the last two years for a grade of 9.4.  If you go back 18 months or even six months, or even three months the 9.4 grading for some reason has had an above average return consistently.   Should the popularity of speculation continue and this book maintains its present course; copy in near mint could get out of reach. The average collector/speculator should buy this comic in a range of 9.4 to 9.8.  Initial speculative cost is somewhere around $160 to $250.  But should the movie come to fruition that price could range higher, I think it could potentially double.  Great Zeus!  Strike quickly with the speed of the ancient god Mercury and snatch up a copy before it is too late.

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