SAM AND TWITCH four issue series to ship biweekly in May

by Jeff

stw_preview_photo_01_dp SAM AND TWITCH four issue series to ship biweekly in MayMedia Release — Todd McFarlane Productions has been hard at work on a brand new mini-series featuring everyone’s favorite sleuths from the Spawn universe.

Sam & Twitch: The Writer, starring NYC’s finest detective duo Sam & Twitch, is the creative child of Luca Blengino (story), Luca Erbetta (pencils), Fabio Bono (inks) and Filippo Rizzu (colors). This team has been crafting a unique crime fiction tale from the boroughs of the Big Apple that sees the detectives stupefied by a strange sequence of events.

Set in the dead of winter with a snowstorm looming, a routine homicide investigation has a literary twist. A suspected drug dealer is found dead, naked and with what seems to be the beginning of a story written all over his body. As the body count rises, the story of Sam & Twitch: The Writer unfolds.

Join this top-notch team of Italian artists and writer as they engage you in a tale — about a tale — that you don’t want to miss.

Sam & Twitch: The Writer will ship bi-weekly starting in May with the final two issues finishing this four issue series in June.

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