Sabretooth’s Quiet Resurgence

by Matt Tuck

Iron-Fist-14-197x300 Sabretooth's Quiet ResurgenceLike a predator stalking its prey, the Iron Fist #14 market has silently picked up steam and is in the midst of its best sales in years. If you’re looking to flip one for a profit, you’d be wise to invest now.

Whether it’s the anticipation of the X-Men entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Logan coming back from the dead (with his heated claws and all) in the comics, Wolverine has taken a hold on the collector’s market. While he was gone, Marvel tried to fill the void with a few doppelgangers: Old Man Logan, X-23 (aka, the all-new Wolverine), and Sabretooth. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the gentler, friendlier Victor Creed, and I’m glad he’s going back to his roots as a villain.

I must not be the only one who appreciates a return to the old, bloodthirsty Sabretooth. In the past 90 days, his first appearance has experienced its biggest boom in years, and most fans are hardly noticing.

Most grades of Iron Fist #14 took a slide last year. Close to half of the graded copies sold last year saw a loss in their fair market values. Although most of those copies only dropped a few dollars on average, it was nonetheless a sign that fans were shying away from Wolverine’s arch nemesis. So far this year, things have turned in a big way. The 90-day averages are showing a stark upswing with significant gains compared to their 2017 FMVs.

The two most popular grades – the 9.6 and the 9.2, both of which have sold eight times in the last three months – have seen the most impressive numbers. Back in 2016, the 9.6 finished the year with an average of $639 and a record high of $849. The following year, that average dropped to $607 without a single copy selling for over $755. In the last 90 days, it’s been a complete turnaround. A new high of $895 was reached in August, and the 90-day FMV stands at $765.

Here’s the thing about Iron Fist #14: it’s rising quickly and suddenly. That 9.6 I mentioned? It was selling in the $600-$700 range until the first of August when it took a huge leap to $800. Since then, only two of the last seven sales have been for under $750. It’s a similar story for the 9.2. After it consistently sold for between $300-$400, the past four sales have been in the $400-$525 range.

The 7.5 is another example of how swiftly the first appearance of Sabretooth is climbing. After averaging less than $180 for two straight years, it has ballooned to $215 in the last 90 days. Four of the six most recent sales have cracked the $200 mark, and a new record-high of $299 was set on September 7.

The real test to see how popular a comic is getting is in the value of its lower grades. In the case of Iron Fist #14, the 5.0 tells the tale. In 2017, this grade averaged just $117 and sold for no more than $135 and as little as $94. While only one copy has sold this year, it was for an eye-popping $170.

With all this action in the Iron Fist #14 market, you’d better act fast if you want a chance to flip one for a profit. The data points to Sabretooth’s first appearance climbing higher before the year ends, so you don’t want to wait around before you invest.

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