Rumors Send Silver Surfer Keys Soaring

by Matt Tuck

Silver-Surfer-art-169x300 Rumors Send Silver Surfer Keys SoaringThe train has left the station when it comes to the Silver Surfer. A new batch of rumors has fanned the flames of his key issues, which are getting more expensive by the month. If you don’t have your copies, it may be too late.

This past month, the first two appearances of the Silver Surfer have dominated the Silver Age market. Ever since the Fox deal was tossed into the news, collectors and investors have been jockeying for Fantastic Four #48. Now there’s a new rumor that the Surfer will be debuting in the MCU in his first-ever solo movie, and that’s fueling the fair market values. 

FF-48-200x300 Rumors Send Silver Surfer Keys SoaringOf course, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard these reports. Last year, Ant-Man co-director Adam McKay said that he wanted to helm a Silver Surfer movie for Marvel Studios, but nothing else was ever said about the project, so take it for what it’s worth.

When the Surfer does enter the MCU, I foresee him being a centerpiece character given his popularity. That will bring so many of his iconic comic moments to the big screen in epic fashion, which will in turn boost prices even more. 

Then again, it’s not like FF #48 hasn’t already broken through the stratosphere. On September 1, a 1.0 reached a new peak when it sold for $575. That gives it three straight sales of $550 and above. When a 1.0 sells for that much, what else is there to say? In the words of Stan Lee, ’nuff said.

His second appearance in FF #49 is holding its own, though it is a better deal than FF #48. For about the same price as that 1.0, you can have up to a 5.5 graded FF #49, which has a 90-day average of $582. Of course, it’s getting more expensive every month. Since August 11, the past four sales have all been over $600. Keep in mind that it averaged $343. This is the case with virtually every grade of FF #49, and it’s only going up.

Silver-Surfer-1-200x300 Rumors Send Silver Surfer Keys SoaringIt’s not just his first two appearances that are getting pricey. Silver Surfer #1, which is the first time he had his own self-titled series, has been ballooning for the past year. 

Starting with the higher grades, the 9.0 has been particularly impressive. Earlier this month, one sold for $2,800. In June, there was a record-high sale of $3,200. Just a year ago, the 9.0 averaged $1,500.

It’s not only the near-mint grades that are on the rise. The 6.0, which had been a $400 comic in 2018, has swelled so much that it is on the brink of $700 after one sold for $690 just this month.

The lowest grade that’s traded hands this year was the 4.0, and it’s feeling the effects of the rumors, too. The most recent sale saw it bring $370. Including that sale, it has averaged over $360 since August. Only a year ago, it was a $250 comic.

There’s no question that the Surfer and Galactus will be included in the MCU sooner or later. Whether or not they will debut outside the Fantastic Four franchise remains to be seen, but it would seem likely they would follow the FF. As far as Marvel’s first family, Marvel hasn’t confirmed anything, though there are plenty of fan theories suggesting they will arrive in Phase Five. My personal rule of thumb is that until Feige and company confirm or at least hint at the FF’s inclusion, then the fan theories mean very little.

All that being said, although the Surfer keys have been on the rise for a year now, the boom for his key issues hasn’t even happened yet. Better buy them while you can.


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