Roy Thomas, Ron Harris, Heroic to issue 5th issue of ALTER EGO

by Jeff

alterego5 Roy Thomas, Ron Harris, Heroic to issue 5th issue of ALTER EGOMedia Release — After 25 years, legendary comic book writer ROY THOMAS has once again teamed up with artist and co-creator RON HARRIS for a brand-new issue of the ALTER EGO comic book.

This brand-new fifth issue of ALTER EGO continues the adventures of teenager Rob Lindsay, a young hero who battles evil by donning a mystic mask that transports him into a world where comic book characters are real.

The ALTER EGO comic book was originally published in 1986 as a four-part mini-series, in which Alter Ego and members of the superheroic “Limbo Legion,” based on classic heroes from the golden age of comics, did battle against the sinister Crimson Claw. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of that original series, Roy Thomas and Ron Harris, together with Heroic’s publisher, Dennis Mallonee, have produced an all-new fifth issue, in which Alter Ego travels into the world of crime comics from the late 1940s in order to do battle with a new incarnation of evil who styles himself “Brother Crime.”

Copies of this special issue of ALTER EGO are not being distributed through normal comic book distribution channels. ALTER EGO #5 is available only through select retailers, and by special order from the Heroic Publishing website at

Comic book retailers interested in carrying this and other popular Heroic Publishing titles such as Flare, Champions, and Liberty Girl should contact Heroic Publishing directly, and register online for a retail account with the Heroic Distribution comic book service.

For more information on Heroic Publishing comic book titles, visit the Heroic Publishing website at

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