Rosemann Takes The MyCup Wheel And Goes Out Of This World

by Jeff

Joe’s out, but the MyCup is still full with a special guest– none other then Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann! In this week’s MyCup o’ Rosemann, at, True Believers around the world are treated with some brand new never before seen art. Wondering what’s the status on the upcoming War Machine title? Rosemann’s got it. Curious what War of Kings is really about? Rosemann’s got it. Do you want to know why Rosemann named his car Doop? It’s all there! And that’s not all True Believers! If you’re a fan of She-Hulk, Nova, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Secret Invasion: Inhumans and House Of M: Civil War, this week will have your head spinning! Top ALL of this off with a brand new THUNDERBOLTS cover and this is one of the biggest MyCup yet!

Joe’s back next week and he’s still answering YOUR questions. Prepare for a Hulk sized dosage of fan questions to be answered and his recap to the insanity that was the San Diego Comic Con! Be sure to head on over to the MySpace Comic Books page and leave your questions for Joe in this week’s MyCup o’ Rosemann and enjoy at!

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