Ronin’s Big Screen Debut

by Norman Robinson III

279330_82670e7462367a8f56fcf109464e52ae3835a93a-193x300 Ronin's Big Screen DebutThis is one of my favorite covers by Leinil Yu. It depicts the overwhelming opposition of The Hand with Elektra in the vanguard for the kill. All descending on a relatively new hero that is probably going to appear in Avengers 4. Certain media bloggers are guessing that Hawkeye will be replaced with the hero Ronin in the upcoming Avengers 4 movie saga. The story is that Hawkeye loses his family and this traumatic event makes him change to a new persona, Ronin. In the New Avengers #11 Ronin had been created by a female hero Echo. She gives the identity to Hawkeye which he first portrays in New Avengers #27. In my opinion, Marvel has so many characters in the upcoming movie they won’t try to add another original character but instead just lead off with Ronin where Hawkeye takes control, hence the return of Ronin. This will be a huge catalyst for this character. If you have seen Jeremy Renier in some of his other hits especially when he played in Bourne Legacy, you know he can bring the action. This could be a whole new franchise for this character and actor. After all, it would be trey-cool to follow this actor dealing with the Japanese underworld and The Hand. The bottom line is this comic is the first appearance of Hawkeye’s version of Ronin. With the character set to appear in Avengers 4, you can bet we are going to see a mad scramble for this masterless samurai (Ronin). The problem is there are two first appearances of the character; which one should you buy?

New Avengers #11

Yep, Jeremy has been spotted in the Ronin getup on stage; this is going to be pure speculation. If the character actually appears and is popular it could boost both first appearances. Initially, the very first appearance was the character Echo using the persona of Ronin as a masked hero. Then in some of the kind of trite gotcha-style, the writer reveals Ronin to be a female and not Daredevil. Like I said, trite. Anyways, this book New Avengers #11 was created by Bian Michael Bendis (script) and David Finch (pencils). Currently, this comic has sold for as high as $166 in November grade (9.8). Furthermore, the overall CGC Consensus is very small with only 115 books outstanding. Here is the question; do you buy the actual first appearance or Hawkeye’s first appearance?

New Avengers #27

The return of Ronin is in New Avengers #27 also by Bendis with the addition of Robin Furth and Peter David (script). Leinil Yu joins the team for the outstanding cover action artwork. Hawkeye has been seen in a costume on the set of Avengers 4. Guess what? It is not his Hawkeye costume. Say what! Yep, Hawkeye is suspiciously dressed like a superhero called Ronin. This character first appeared in New Avengers #11 November 2005. Also, the first new Ronin as Hawkeye appears in New Avengers #27. This book is slightly ahead of NA #11 with a recent sale for $170 in October 2018 for a grade (9.8). That translates to some pretty powerful returns for a new 2005 comic book. In grade (9.8) the positive return has been +62.3% ROI an awesome return for this new comic which apparently started to show signs of trending up in 2018. In comparison, New Avengers #11only returned positive +32% during that same time period in grade (9.8).

One way or the other, the masterless samurai wins. But when profit is balanced on the edge of a knife which book should you pick? My bet is down on New Avengers #27 for three simple reasons; first, the return is larger, twice the size, second Hawkeye is key to the relevance of this book and to the movie, and third CGC Census is low has only 49 outstanding copies. With a catalyst ta-boot, you can’t go wrong with either pick, but I am placing a bet on Hawkeye he always hits his target.

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