Ron Marz Signs Exclusive Contract With Top Cow

by Jeff

Newsarama reports Ron Marz announced at the Baltimore Comic-Con he is going exclusive with Top Cow.

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As Newsarama readers know, writer Ron Marz has been calling Top Cow his home more and more recently. Along with writing the monthly Witchblade, Marz is currently also writing Dragon Prince and Broken Trinity for the publisher, and has been working on developing the universe’s future, helping to pull the various, sometimes disparate, threads together.

The relationship between the two has taken another step, as today at the Baltimore Comic Con it was announced that Marz has signed an exclusive contract with Top Cow. The writer spoke with Newsarama about the new deal.

RM: The exclusive is for three issues a month, which is a manageable work load. The general parameters break down as two “Top Cow Universe” books — things like Witchblade, Magdalena or the Broken Trinity crossover — and a creator-owned book — like Dragon Prince — per month. So I get to play with some toys I already like, and I get to create my own toys. I can’t think of a better combination.

  c2b-foot Ron Marz Signs Exclusive Contract With Top Cow

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