Rocking Gems From SF Rock Poster’s August Auction!

by Lauren Sisselman

081723C-1024x536 Rocking Gems From SF Rock Poster's August Auction!

If you’re a fan of rock and modern art, this summer’s SF Rock Posters and Collectibles auction is perfect for you! This curated collection of 25 items features artists such as Chuck Sperry, Emek, Jeff Wood, and Marq Spusta. These first print edition posters are indeed rare and harder to find, making this a collector’s dream auction. If you’ve never heard of Rock Posters and Collectibles, they are a truly invaluable site for collectors. Here are my top rocking gem pics from this month’s sizzling auction!

Pearl Jam Chicago 2013 Emek Artists Edition

pearljam13-211x300 Rocking Gems From SF Rock Poster's August Auction!

This silkscreen poster’s character evokes a feeling of nostalgic madness, and in a way reminds me of the character Rat Fink. Designed for Pear Jam’s July 19, 2013 concert at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois, artist Emek shows off Chicago’s love of baseball, while giving it a distinct rock and roll twist. In fact, monster cards and Saturday morning cartoons were the driving force behind the image;

“This poster is inspired by my childhood, when, on Saturday mornings the ice cream truck would drive by carrying “wacky-packages” and stale bubble gum for 25 cents a pack. I could only afford 1 or 2 packs each time, which made them extra special. My favorite of all of these were the monster baseball players’ cards. I have cherished and saved those little monster cards to this day.


All of the unsung artists who painted those gross but silly and fun little monsters were a huge influence on my childhood, and of course, all the music I listened to while looking at all of those pictures. Thank You! Sometimes it is just about having fun and drawing what I loved about my childhood. Good friends. Good music. Good memories…”

As this is an Artists Edition, only 100 of these were printed. They were each signed, numbered, and have a remark on them. This poster is 98 out of 100. There is little to no sales data on similar examples, but Emek’s work tends to go for big money, so this silkscreen could end over $400. This silkscreen is in mint condition.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Cincinnati 2015 Emek Red Foil Variant 

degrasse-187x300 Rocking Gems From SF Rock Poster's August Auction!

The wonders of space and what else is out there is something many of us think about. Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, noted astrophysicist, author, and sworn enemy of Pluto, has helped modern science explore and uncover a great deal. Including his controversial take that Pluto is not a planet. Emek’s take on the scientist is trippy yet poignant, with deGrasse Tyson’s head opening up until a library that leads into the stars above. This red foil variant is in mint condition and would look outstanding in any poster collection.

Only 25 of these were made, with Emek signing and remarking each one. This poster is number 17 out of 25. As this is more of a niche interest bidding may go low on this poster, but that could mean someone gets extremely lucky with snagging it.

Metallica Seattle 2017 Emek Artists Edition

metalliza-229x300 Rocking Gems From SF Rock Poster's August Auction!

When it comes to Metallica posters, this is one of the best. Emek’s silkscreen for the 2017 Seattle show features skulls, the band, spikes, and flying skulls in the background. If you’re a metal fan, do not sleep on this poster. Emek himself had a ton of fun creating this work of art:

“ Back in high school, I always wanted to do a big, evil, wacky, old-skool flyer for Metallica. I finally got my chance… 4 band members on his shoulders like little demons whispering, and 4 skulls surround the one eye (which could be you the viewer, or the band’s singular vision for keeping the band rocking all of these 36 years.) On the monsters’ old-skool denim and leather jacket are pins symbolizing their albums and tours over the years.”

This silkscreen was limited to 60 copies, each signed, numbered, dated, and remarked. This silkscreen is in mint condition and is number 14 out of 60. There is little sales data on this silkscreen, but this is likely the poster to watch this auction.

Concert-POster-FooterOption-2 Rocking Gems From SF Rock Poster's August Auction!

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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