Rising Stock: Hulk #180

by Matt Tuck

Hulk-180-201x300 Rising Stock: Hulk #180There’s no sure things on the comic market, but Wolverine’s first appearance is about as close to it as you’ll find. While The Incredible Hulk #180 may still be the cheaper of his debuts, it’s getting more expensive by the month.

Movie rumors come and go like clockwork, and it’s speculation fuel for Wolverine keys. Although we’re not seeing any unusual jumps for The Incredible Hulk #181, it’s Wolvie’s first cameo that is on the move. 

While it’s still the cheaper alternative to Hulk #181, Hulk #180 is nonetheless climbing. Since 2017, most grades have doubled in value. The 5.0 has done particularly well. Two years ago, it sold four times and averaged $182. Last year, the sales volume blossomed to 16, and it sported a fair market value of $283. So far, 2019 is proving to be Hulk #180’s year. The same 5.0 which once brought less than $200 is ascending closer to $500 territory; since September 11, all three sales have been between $450-$460. 

Incredible-Hulk-180-Wolverine-238x300 Rising Stock: Hulk #180The lower grades are faring equally as well. Since August 30, the 3.5 grade has sold four times for no less than $270, and it brought an eye-catching $350 on September 4. An incomplete 0.5 has an FMV over $100, which is the real indication of how hot this comic has become. 







Thor-Wolverine-meme-181x300 Rising Stock: Hulk #180The rumors of Wolverine’s introduction to the MCU have spread far and wide. Everyone from Jason Momoa and Zack Efron to Keanu Reeves has been tossed around in fan theories, and Taron Egerton seems to be the most plausible at this point. There’s even been tales of Hugh Jackman taking up the role one more time for an Avengers crossover. Of course, none of these have been substantiated. As a longtime X-Men fan, I’m ready to see what Marvel Studios can deliver, but Kevin Feige and company aren’t in any hurry. 

Feige has said the project is on a five-year plan, so we won’t see any mutants before Phase Five at the earliest, not that it will slow down the rumor mill. In fact, the X-Men keep popping up in the news. The latest comes from a deleted scene from 2010’s Iron Man, which kicked off Marvel’s shared universe, featured Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury alluding to both the X-Men and Spider-Man. 

Another theory is that Marvel is putting together a Hulk Versus Wolverine movie that would introduce the MCU to Logan. Personally, I don’t picture this happening, and I see it as nothing more than fan fiction considering the source is Wegotthiscovered.com, and that site is known for churning out fake rumors. Although it would sell plenty of movie tickets, this won’t be the way Marvel brings Wolverine into the cinematic universe. However, I do hope to see the two square off on the big screen, and I’m sure that will eventually happen.

As prices for Hulk #181 continue to get further out of reach, more collectors will keep opting for Hulk #180 for Wolverine’s debut, and it will keep driving prices higher. While that’s bad news for buyers, the good part is that whatever you invest now won’t be in danger of losing value over the long haul.

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Harry September 21, 2019 - 11:24 pm

Great comic and great reviews . Very undervalued book this should be picking up lots of steam. Thanks

Matt Tuck September 22, 2019 - 3:21 pm

Thank you for reading, Harry.

Prophet27 September 22, 2019 - 10:40 pm

Do the rising values of Hulk 180 recently strengthened thoughts of some collectors that this is indeed the first appearance (and not cameo) of Wolverine as stated recently by Marvel?

Matt Tuck September 23, 2019 - 2:33 pm

I don’t see Hulk #180 ever surpassing (or even nearing) Hulk #181 in popularity or value. Technically, #180 is his first appearance since it is the first time we see him in continuity (the ad pages in DD and Thor do not count as his first appearances for this reason), but it comes down to the old “cameo versus full” first appearance debate. While Hulk #180 is his first cameo appearance, Hulk #181 is the bigger and will remain the bigger seller because it’s the first full appearance.

Prophet27 September 22, 2019 - 10:43 pm

Are the recent rising values of Hulk 180 due to Marvel recently stating that this is Wolverine’s first appearance? Perhaps this had somehow influenced how people think of Hulk 180 and 181.

Steve Brumbaugh September 24, 2019 - 2:49 pm

I’ve been collecting comics for a LONG time and I’ve always wondered why Hulk 181 was considered the first Wolverine appearance when 180 obviously was. Looking at it like a collector, why would you want 181 as the first appearance when he obviously appears in 180? Makes no sense. There are other comics that look at this the opposite way (going way back, I think All-Star 3 and 4 with the first appearance of the JSA, IIRC).

That said, I agree 181 will retain a higher value, but I don’t think 180 has peaked yet.


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