Ring In The New Year With Archie and His Friends

by Jeff

ARCHIEDDIGEST205 Ring In The New Year With Archie and His FriendsMedia Release — This January, Archie and his friends start the New Year right with a selection of stories filled with laughter, intrigue, fashion and romantic entanglements. Thrill to the returns of Ronald the Rubber Boy and Trula Twyst, take a trip to trendy California as Betty becomes an exchange student at Beverly Hills High, and don’t miss the thrilling conclusion of the Reggie/Bernadette “New Look” saga! It all happens this January, so reserve your copies today!

ARCHIE’S DOUBLE DIGEST #205, ships 1/16. Full color digest format, $3.99 US. MADHOUSE’S RONALD THE RUBBER BOY MAKES A BIG AND BOUNCY COMEBACK! “The Return of Ronald the Rubber Boy”: Originally seen in the pages of ARCHIE’S MADHHOUSE, Ronald had the bad habit swallowing chewing gum. He swallowed so much gum that he began to take on its elastic properties, making him the goofy teenage equivalent of some famous super-stretchy guys! Now he’s back, and bouncier than ever, in a tale that’s sure to stretch your funnybone! SCRIPT: Tim Kennedy. ART: Pat Kennedy.

JUGHEAD #199, ships 1/13. 32-page, full color comic, $2.50 US. TRULA TWYST RETURNS WITH HER MOST CLEVER SCHEME EVER! Jughead’s nemesis Trula Twyst sets out to prove her thesis that there’s only room for one Jughead in Riverdale – by becoming another Jughead! Who will be the last Jug standing? Trula’s unique fascination with and conflicted feelings toward Jughead come to the fore in this tale that threatens to spin the Jughead mythos on his crowned beanie! SCRIPT: Craig Boldman. ART: Rex Lindsey.

BETTY #184, ships 1/27. 32-page, full color comic, $2.50 US. “Betty at Beverly Hills High School”: Betty gets an opportunity to see how students in “The Golden State” live when a student exchange program sends her California! Unlike Riverdale High, glitzy Beverly Hills High feels more like a movie than a high school, with students decked out in latest fashions, shades and accessories. Betty also loves the focus on athleticism and competition, and trains for the track team with her new friend Olympia. She also gets to see some of the sights, including Rodeo Drive. All we can say is, Veronica Lodge eat your heart out! SCRIPT: Hal Lifson. ART: Stan Goldberg.

PALS-N-GALS DOUBLE DIGEST #138, ships 1/13 Full color digest format, $3.99 US. THE THRILLING CONCLUSION OF THE LATEST “NEW LOOK” SAGA THAT TRANSFORMS REGGIE FROM WISE GUY TO ROMEO! “A Funny Kind of Love Part Four”: Beautiful and bright Bernadette Brownlee has had a rocky romance with Riverdale’s resident wise guy, Reggie! Bernadette has seen another side of Reggie – as a charismatic, convincing orator. She would much prefer Reggie pursue a spot on the debating team instead of fame, glory and laughs at the national stand-up comic search. But Reggie is committed to comedy, and this leads to a highly volatile break-up between the two! But Archie isn’t convinced the Bernadette and Reggie are really through with one another, and he’s determined to reach at least one of them. Will Archie’s influence bring the pair back together, or will Reggie have the last laugh? Is Reggie’s future with Bernadette truly open for debate? There’s only one way to find out: reserve your copy of this thrilling conclusion to the most unexpected “New Look” yet! Rendered in the “realistic” art style that made Betty and Veronica’s “Bad Boy Trouble” and “My Father’s Betrayal,” Jughead’s “Match Makers,” Moose and Midge’s “Break-up Blues,” and Archie and his friend’s “Goodbye Forever” some of the most-talked about Archie stories in recent years! SCRIPT: Melanie J. Morgan. ART: Tod Smith and Al Milgrom.

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