Riddle me this!

by Ariel Lazo

long-halloween-batman-tpb-200x300 Riddle me this!

Now, unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard that a vampire will be playing our beloved Dark Knight. Now, before anything, remember, the same was said about Christian Bale and Ben Affleck. Both were actually pretty good if I say so myself. Well, Ben played a great Batman and Bale played the best Bruce Wayne, now if one could only do both…

Anyway, the new movie labeled, The Batman is scheduled to be released in 2021. We know Pattinson will play Batman but who else will be featured and what will that do to our comics?

WHAT WE KNOW: We know the movie is based on Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s book, Batman: The Long Halloween. This story arc is actually a perfect place to start. Not only does it take place during Batman’s early years but it has all of our favorite crime fighters and villains! Matt Reeves plans on focusing on Batman’s most undervalued trait, which is the BEST DETECTIVE EVER! Sorry couldn’t help it…but you know its true!

long-halloween-batman-191x300 Riddle me this!

The story starts with a murderer who only kills on holidays, one each month, dubbed guess what? HOLIDAY! (Out of the box thinking there huh?) Harvey Dent and Capt. Gordon help Batman chase this criminal down. During this arc, we see the reintroduction of the origin of Two-Face and the Rogues Gallery transformation into super-villains. Reeves has said that he plans on bringing in past villains such as The Penguin, The Riddler, and Catwoman. Jonah Hill has been added to the roster of actors but as to who he will play still unknown. One theory is he will be the Penguin, which in all honesty, come on, LOOK at him, he would be a great Cobblepot!


So which books will heat up and which should you start getting? Well obviously start with Batman: the Long Halloween so you know the story. But you might want to start looking at these as well:



Detcomics-58-1st-penguin-216x300 Riddle me this!Batman-155-206x300 Riddle me this!

Penguin: With only 97 copies on the census, Detective Comics #58 is the 1st appearance of Penguin a.k.a. Oswald Cobblepot. Although this is out of reach for most people, myself included, it is a beautiful key book to own. For those looking to spend a lot less, I’d say his first silver age appearance Batman #155, which a low grade is obtainable at under $100, is another great grab. These are prime to go up once Penguin is announced in the future.





Batman-1-216x300 Riddle me this!

Lois-Lane-70-200x300 Riddle me this!

Catwoman: I must first apologize to all Halle Berry fans out there but, Anne Hathaway KILLED it as Catwoman. Unfortunately, Hathaway will not be reprising her role as the sultry cat-burglar, but you might see her character in the new movie. Aubrey Plaza is one contender for this, especially after her feline antics on a talk show visit, where she donned cat ears and lapped water from a saucer. Catwoman’s first appearance was in the infamous Batman #1, which at a 0.5 is valued at $23,000. Obviously, this issue isn’t only famous because of Catwoman but if you can afford it, GET IT!  But for a more reasonable book, Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #70 is her first appearance in the Silver Age. For about $200, you can grab a graded 5.5 or 6 which makes this very obtainable.


Detcomics-140-214x300 Riddle me this! batman-234-199x300 Riddle me this!

Riddler and Two-Face: These last two rogues have a great chance of being featured in the movie as well. Chances are better that we will see Two-Face over Riddler but don’t count the king of riddles out just yet. Detective Comics #140 is the 1st appearance of the Riddler, his origin and 1st time we meet Nigma. With a price tag of nothing lower than $1,300 for a 0.5, this book will still see a slow increase. For a more reasonable price check out Batman #171 and grab a raw copy for under $200 in a mid to low grade. As for Two-Face, for first origin and appearance grab Detective Comics #66or save yourself tons of money and grab Batman #234. Issue #234 is the reintroduction of Two-Face after being gone since 1954 and a 7.0 will only run you about $200. Fans think there is more of a chance of seeing Dent due to how significant he was in the comic which the movie is based on.


In the end, all I can say is collect what you love and love what you collect, and you will never go wrong. If you would like to know more, Looper has a great article that fills you in. Anyone have any of these in their collection? If so drop a comment and let me know!


Till next time, Happy Hunting!


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