Rewarding the Faithful X-Men Fans

by Matt Tuck

Giant-Size-X-Men-195x300 Rewarding the Faithful X-Men Fans Twenty-First Century Fox officially belongs to Disney, and that means your X-Men keys are going to be worth a lot more money over the next two years. For the devoted X-Men fans who held onto their collections during the market lull, your faith is about to pay dividends.

It isn’t big news that Disney finished the long process of buying out Fox; we’ve been reading about that mega business deal since last year. It’s not even big news that the Fox properties are now available for Marvel Studios, since Kevin Feige had previously said that he hoped to begin working with those characters by June. What is big news to collectors and investors is that we’ve finally got a timeline for the X-Men to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe: 2021.

X-Men-94-197x300 Rewarding the Faithful X-Men FansThe popular rumor has been that the X-Men will make an end-credits scene appearance in Avengers: Endgame, which won’t happen. Don’t forget that fan theories abounded that the Silver Surfer would have a cameo in Infinity War, and that didn’t come to fruition, either. As a longtime X-Men fan, I’ll be impatiently waiting for another two years to see a new incarnation of mutants step into the MCU. I won’t be alone, and the more excited people get for the world of mutants to cross into the MCU, the more valuable the X-Men keys will become. As a fan, I hate to wait so long, but as a collector, I’m anxious to see my X-Men keys skyrocket.

It was only a couple years ago that the X-Men had fallen out of favor with Marvel, and those values had all taken a hit. Of course, when Marvel is clearly attempting to replace mutants with Inhumans and all but forgetting about the ever-popular team, it pushes fans away from the old key issues. Then the experiment flopped (thanks in part to the hugely disappointing Inhumans television show) and the X-Men regained favor in the comics starting with the resurrection of the original Wolverine, Logan.

X-Men keys, especially those from the bronze age when the team truly came together under Chris Claremont’s tenure, have been climbing ever since Marvel began pushing them in the comics. Once it was public that Disney wanted to buy Fox, the days of X-Men comics losing value were over. Now that the deal is done and Disney/Marvel Studios has the rights to put the franchise in their onscreen product, it will be a long time before your classic X-keys show a loss.

X-Men-100-195x300 Rewarding the Faithful X-Men FansIn terms of comics investing, the two-year wait is a great thing…if you already have the comics.

From now until Wolverine crosses paths with the Avengers, fans will be salivating over any possible details of the X-Men’s onscreen debut. With every rumor and innuendo of their arrival, those key issues are going to spike. By the time we get some legitimate Feige-confirmed news, collectors and investors will be scrambling for to grab any keys, both major and minor. When the day comes that we have actual footage of an iconic X-Men character, whether it’s an end-credit scene or a teaser trailer, the market will undoubtedly explode.

Within the next two years, all the major X-keys will ascend into holy grail territory (for those that aren’t already at that level, that is). If you don’t have yours by now, chances are you never will because they will never again drop to those 2016/2017 values. This is when the faithful X-fans who held onto those keys back in 2017 when prices were at a low are being rewarded.

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