Revisiting The Batman Who Laughs

by Matt Tuck

715824_batman-who-laughs-1-195x300 Revisiting The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman Who Laughs was by far the hottest new villain of 2017. All of his first appearances were lighting up the market and selling out across the country. If you happened to piece together the full set, you were expecting a big return on your investment.

Now that we’re in the fourth month of BWL mania, how is your investment holding up?

Dark Nights: Metal #2

In the pages of Dark Nights: Metal #2, you will find the first cameo appearance of the Batman Who Laughs. Like most cameo firsts, it’s not as valuable as those bigger appearances with more impact, as far as the story. However, it’s still a key issue that you want to add to your collection.

A standard edition 9.8 has sold for as much as $59 since its release last year. Where the real money is would be the Gabriel Dell’Otto Bulletproof variant (you know, the one with the cool Batman/Wonder Woman mashup on the cover). A “virgin” edition (meaning it is the same cover minus any lettering or numbering) sold for $315 in November. A Bulletproof variant with the lettering and title brought $79 earlier this month.

Teen Titans: Rebirth #12

Technically the first full appearance of the Batman Who Laughs (although he’s only briefly in the issue), this particular issue is still going up. A CGC 9.8 for the Cover A edition is averaging $166, and the last recorded sale was for a whopping $253 just weeks ago on January 10. Even if you have a slightly lower graded 9.6, it’s still selling for over $100; in fact, one sold for $115 as recently as January 16.

EBay is your friend if you are looking for Teen Titans #12 or perhaps you are in need of a second copy. If you’re buying a raw, ungraded issue, expect to spend $50, give or take. However, this is a very hot comic, so that price will be rising, so be forewarned.

Batman Who Laughs #1

After just two months on store shelves, Dark Nights: The Batman Who Laughs #1 has already jumped exponentially, at least for those 9.8 graded copies. From the first of December to the end of January, there have already been 23 recorded sales of slabbed BWL #1 sold on eBay at 9.8, and they are bringing in quite the price. On average, they are selling for $105 in these two months. At its peak, so far, it has brought as much as $150, which was back on December 20.

If you don’t have your own copy of this, don’t worry; you can get a raw, ungraded issue at near mint for $20 or less, so don’t despair.

Dark Nights: Metal #3

Another of the Batman Who Laughs set, what sets DNM #3 apart is the cover – specifically another of the Bulletproof variant covers.

The art for this particular cover was created by Francesco Mattina, and it is a stunning vision of the Batman Who Laughs in his psychotic glory. Remember that virgin print I mentioned earlier? If you want one of those for DNM #3 with the Mattina art, it’s going to cost you anywhere in the $400-$500 range if you want a 9.8. Even if you scale back to a 9.6, you’re still looking at $275.

The standard edition is a different story. While it has averaged $80 at a 9.8, it’s cooled off this month. Case in point: At the first of December, a CGC 9.8 sold for $155. Since then, it’s come back to reality with respectable selling prices in the $50-$60 range.

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