Revisiting Keys: Omega Red

by Matt Tuck

X-Men-4-page-2-171x300 Revisiting Keys: Omega RedDid you jump on the Omega Red bandwagon? You’ll wish you had when you see the current values.


X-MEN #4 (1991)X-Men-4-vol-2-196x300 Revisiting Keys: Omega Red

Even if Omega Red hadn’t made his first appearance in this issue, it’s worth having just for the beautiful Jim Lee artwork.

This has been the hottest modern X-Men title of 2020. First, there was the concept art of Omega Red floating around the internet. Earlier this year, the rumors began that Big Red would make his live-action debut in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Disney+ series. There’s been no confirmation of that, but it hasn’t slowed investors from stockpiling copies.

In terms of fair market value, nearly every grade has gotten a boost from the live-action theories. However, the only one that is bringing eye-catching figures is 9.8. It has seen its fair market value gain nearly $50 over a two-year stretch. For the past 90 days, it is earning $143, and it last sold for $150 on June 27. When the grade drops to a 9.6, the average falls to $66. Such is typically the case with Modern Age comics.

x-men_v2_5-194x300 Revisiting Keys: Omega RedX-MEN #5 (1991)

I can’t say enough about the artwork. Between the two comics, I prefer this one because it is one of the best X-Men covers from the Lee run, and that is a true testament to the quality of this cover. On a side note, is it just me or does Wolverine have a Terminator vibe with the skin torn open to reveal the adamantium beneath?

This issue has been riding the coattails for X-Men #4’s surge in popularity. It is the first full cover appearance for Omega Red, and his second overall.

Like its predecessor, this issue only has a significant value at 9.8. Considering these were printed in abundance and were launched in the age of collecting, they aren’t hard to come by in the higher grades, thus the noticeably higher values for the 9.8.

Back in 2018, this issue averaged less than $80, and last year prices fell to an average of $64. This is proving to be a big year for Big Red, and the 9.8 X-Men #5 is on the move. Over the past 90 days, it has jumped to a $104 FMV thanks to a profitable June. Last month, the 9.8 sold 11 times, and six of those were over $100 and none were less than $81. What’s more, is that one sale reached a record high of $175 on June 14 while a June 8 sale was just short of that at $165.

Once again, there is a considerable difference between the 9.8 and the 9.6 grades. That $104 average sinks to under $50 when it falls by only one marginal grade.


If Omega Red is included in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I don’t see him necessarily introducing the X-Men or mutants in general to the MCU. I don’t even see him being tied to the Weapon X program. Considering Bucky’s connection to the Soviet super-soldier experiments, it would make more sense for Red to have been created in a lab rather than born a mutant. Still, it could be interesting to see him on the screen. I still don’t expect any X-Men Easter eggs from the debut.


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