Revisiting Anti-Venom

by Matt Tuck

Anti-Venom-art-210x300 Revisiting Anti-VenomWith all the commotion for Miles Morales, Knull, and Virus, it’s a good time to revisit an overshadowed member of the Spider-verse, Anti-Venom, and Amazing Spider-Man #569.

Venom-25-interior-300x231 Revisiting Anti-Venom

Why Feature Anti-Venom?

Miles Morales is going to star in the follow up for Sony’s hit Spider-Man Playstation game. Knull is getting pushed into a bigger role in the Marvel comics universe. Virus is causing the latest issues of Venom to sell out across the country. It’s a good time to be a Spider-verse fan.

That being said, let’s check on one of the most visually-appealing members of the Spider-verse, Anti-Venom.

I never was a huge Anti-Venom fan. In all honesty, he just reminded me that Eddie Brock wasn’t where he should have been, and that’s bound to Venom. Still, Anti-Venom looked spectacular and echoed the original monster aesthetic of Venom from the Todd McFarlane days.

In the comics, Anti-Venom was last seen with Flash Thompson as Agent Anti-Venom. They were killed by Red Goblin, but this is comics, so one or both will return sooner or later. The bigger picture is the Sony Venom-verse. As the Venom sequels earn profits for the company, could we see Anti-Venom on the big screen? Never say never.

Anti-Venom Key Issues

ASM-569-first-print-193x300 Revisiting Anti-VenomAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #569 (FIRST PRINT)

Of all the issues for ASM #569, this is the cheapest option if you are looking for 9.8s. Still, that is relative to the other prices. Despite values being down for the standard direct edition, it is a $120+ comic. If you go with the $3.99 newsstand version, be prepared to pay out $280, which is how much the last copy sold for in July 2019.






ASM-569-second-print-198x300 Revisiting Anti-VenomAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #569 (SECOND PRINT)

This is the edition most collectors are after. As we are seeing with Knull and now Virus, those first cover appearances of a character, even if it is a subsequent printing, see higher values.

Since Anti-Venom isn’t in the spotlight at the moment, prices are falling for the second print. Of course, if you are an Anti-Venom fan, this is good news. Nonetheless, a 9.8 still sells for $300 or more. Compared to its 2018 FMV of $520.




ASM-569-variant-197x300 Revisiting Anti-VenomAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #569 (ADI GRANOV VARIANT)

This is by far some of the best Venom art ever created. It’s a beautiful cover for the first appearance of Anti-Venom, and it makes sense that it carries a high value.

Again, prices are on the way down and have been for two years. Back in 2018, a 9.8 averaged $216. Last year, it fell to $161. Over the past 90 days, its fair market value has dipped to $155, but the most recent sale was for $175. Does that mean this issue will suddenly spike? Not likely, but it is a good sign if you are a seller.


Of all the symbiotic spawns of Venom, Anti-Venom is not the first choice to be in movie theaters. Introducing Carnage and Scream into the onscreen mix opens up the door for more symbiotes, and I expect we’ll see several more before the Venom movie franchise comes to an end. It wouldn’t be too far out of the question for Eddie Brock to take on the Anti-Venom symbiote in a future film.


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Tim June 29, 2020 - 2:49 pm

I actually do think seeing Flash Thompson in the Spider-Man movie, venom being taken by Eddy Brooks ( where he belongs), that there is a fair chance that Anti-Venom will be introduced as the symbiote of Flash Thompson….. Venom inc Alpha 9.8 selling for 55 $ is a bargain for a first appearance with a fair chance to be on the big screen.


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