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by Jeff
geekgoggle REVIEW: X-Force #1

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X-Force #1
Marvel Comics
Kyle, Yost & Crane

Here is my full disclosure of about this issue: I didn’t intend on buying it, but after reading several reviews of the advanced copy I decided to pick it up. This means other reviews had biased my opinion prior to me even reading it. I like to have no outside opinions coming into a comic I review (except ads or solicitations) so this review may seem odd, not original or even pointless. Then again, don’t they all?

This issue seems to take place a while after the Messiah Complex, so all you continuity freaks can put the Wolverine Gets Mystique arc prior to this one. I guess Wolverine lived through it.

Wolverine and Cyclops are chatting about the Purifiers. Cyclops wants them dead and is dispatching X-Force to do it. This plot has a wrinkle in it that makes it a little bit more spicy though. The head of the Purifiers, Matthew Risman, surrenders to SHIELD. The plan that Risman has up his sleeve isn’t fully revealed, but he is after something SHIELD has.

The conversation between Wolverine and Cyclops seemed odd in that Wolverine is very reluctant to involve the other members of X-Force. It also seemed odd that Cyclops targets the Purifiers and not other groups or people, like Bishop or Gambit or the other Marauders.

I quickly forgot about these items when it was revealed that Cyclops has been rounding up the other members of X-Force without consulting Wolverine. This doesn’t go over well. However, this sets up some interesting inconsistencies with regard to Wolverine’s reactions to letting the others participate in the assignment. In front of Cyclops, Wolverine is violent when he finds out the others are involved. However, in front of the others when they are about to engage in the mission he is quick and dismissive with his feelings about them getting involved.

Wolverine, X-23 and Warpath break into the Purifiers hideout and find a couple of surprises waiting for them. Where is Wolfsbane? Read this issue and find out. The Purifiers also have a secret weapon in the form an old X-Men enemy. The Purifiers have the advantage because of a hotheaded decision made by X-23.

A good issue. Personally, I don’t really have much interest in Warpath or Wolfsbane, but I do like that the Wolverine and X-23 relationship is seeing plenty of page counts. There is a lot of room to explore their interactions as teacher and student. This has the chance to really make this series excellent. I always find Wolverine better when he has someone to interact with, generally a squad. The story is good, but I didn’t really feel the Purifiers were enough to carry the story on their own as villains, but this issue beefs up their roster a bit.

I liked the artwork. I realize that Wolverine was jacked up and that Cyclops looked ultra skinny, but the style fit the story. It had elements of shade and darkness. It had the feel of a covert invasion of a secret base. X-23 looks a little older, but then you see how she is dwarfed by Wolverine and it’s all good. Also, the new costumes look pretty cool.

Now, I don’t know if Wolverine and X-23 will keep me coming back for this series. Perhaps I end up liking Wolfsbane and Warpath and that could help as well. The story has potential, but we’ll see if it can hold my interest for six issues or not. A good step one. I’m glad I picked it up.

4 out of 5 geek goggles.

dec072223d REVIEW: X-Force #1
X-Force #1 (Hitch Variant Cover Edition)
dec072221d REVIEW: X-Force #1
X-Force #1

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