REVIEW: World War Hulk #4

by Jeff

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World War Hulk #4
Marvel Comics
Greg Pak, John Romita Jr, Klaus Janson, Christina Strain

The epic continues as Hulk just needs to beatdown the pumped-up Dr Strange to finish his collection of those that shot him into space and blew up his new home, his wife and unborn child.

This series has been the event of the summer and with three “WOW!” issues in a row I was ready for a letdown. I mean Hulk already fought Strange and now we see him fight him again? Um. Okay. Filler issue.

I was way wrong. This issue only starts with Hulk beating down Strange. The meat of the issue is Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Strange and Black Bolt fighting in the arena for their lives to the delight of Hulk, Hulk’s Warbound and Hulk’s fans.

The action is only a piece of pie here. In beating down Strange, Hulk shows how he saves people that Strange recklessly endangered in their fight. Wait. Who’s the monster and who’s the hero? Just before Stark, Richards, Strange and Bolt are put to the test against each other, the Hulk trots out civilians with their stories about those “heroes”. We see the nephew of the deceased Goliath speak out against Stark and Richards little Civil War they started. We a woman who’s husband was murdered by the invasion of Bolt’s people and one of the civilians that Strange almost killed while fighting the Hulk. In short, Hulk shows that the line between monster and hero is a thin one indeed.

The issue has everything from action to some laughter (see the line about Sentry standing in the doorway for twenty-nine hours. This is no clunker or filler issue in this series. It’s as solid as the previous three. But…..

The art is not up to the level of the previous three issues. The fight with Strange is annoyingly yellow. The gladiator battle is difficult to tell Stark from Strange because again the yellow from the fire. It’s overkill. It gives a feel of being rushed. Having said that the last page is an awesome visual, so I am really just being picky about the yellow.

Can you pick this up without having the first three issues? Yup. Are you going to like it? You will if you like hero against hero epic battles.

I don’t have a clue how this thing will end but I am confident I won’t be let down. What heroes are left after Sentry? Something tells me Chuck Norris isn’t walking through that door, so something tells Sentry takes the Green Guy down. This series hasn’t failed to provide entertain to match the billing or the cover price.

Bring on #5!

4.5 out of 5 Geek-Goggles

jul072160d REVIEW: World War Hulk #4
World War Hulk #4

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