REVIEW: Transformers Devastation #2

by Jeff

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Transformers: Devastation #2
IDW Comics
Furman, Su & Atkinson

Devastation picks up right where #1 left off and doesn’t stop the action. Forget the slow burn of the first two arcs or so, this story is moving and in a hurry.

Hot Rod and Wheeljack are ambushed by an army of Sunstreakers. They don’t appear to be the real thing, but they don’t want to hurt them just in case. They do some fancy driving before realizing that the Sunstreakers are almost just mirroring their moves. While they dance with Sunstreaker they are being watched very closely. All this while they are on their way to find and rescue the other missing Autobot, Ironhide. Whom we still don’t know what happened to.

The other main advancement in this issue is the rest of the Autobots being shot out of the sky by Sixshot while trying to transport their base from Lake Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico. Prime, Prowl and Ratchet are trying to rescue themselves from crashing their ship, plus stay undetected by the humans and secure any data that could be left on them in case they do perish in the crash. They also have some humans onboard that they need to protect as well.

Astrotrain and Blitzwing continue to plot against Megatron.

We find out what happened to Hunter and ultimately, to Sunstreaker. At least parts of Sunstreaker.

All that and we get a cliffhanger battle setup ending. Plus, a mystery-revealed ending.

Not bad!!

The artwork is great as usual. The hard part for a Transformers comic is to show expression on a robot and this issue has that on page after page. Plus it isn’t difficult to tell the robots apart which isn’t always the case.

This title has some new life in this arc, but I still would like some more battles or character development. A car chase is a nice side story but I was left feeling it was the bulk of the issue. The issue gives you a nice rundown on the inside of the cover for a new reader which is always a plus. I enjoyed the read, but I just want a little extra. I’m greedy. What can I say?

The title is so close to being a great ongoing series I can smell it.

4 out of 5 geek goggles.

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