REVIEW: Tony Loco

by Jeff

Cold Cut Product Spotlight — Tony Loco

New from Illusive Arts! Tony Loco tells the story of Tony Cabrera, a brooding mute who has suffered for twenty years, rotting in a mental institution while his hometown descends into corruption and despair. Hope arrives in the form of a new social worker who discovers Tony’s past. Now Tony must confront his enemies, both inside and out. But are they ordinary men, or something far more dangerous? Good thing his trusty stuffed elephant gives him the courage against the darkness.

A western horror tale of madness and justice, Tony Loco spawned from artist and filmmaker Mark Teague’s experiences as an orderly in a mental institution. After completing his first film, Teague wrote a Tony Loco screenplay, adding his inside knowledge to his love of Sergio Leone films and superheroes. (Description from the official Tony Loco press release). Full-color comic series, from the same publisher that brought you the “Dorothy” comic book series. You can find out more from There is also a preview video available on YouTube:

* Tony Loco #1 Illusive Arts 3.50

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Tony Loco #3

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