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by Jeff
geekgoggle REVIEW: Storm Shadow #6

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Storm Shadow #6
DDP Comics
Hama & Robinson

A new arc for Storm Shadow brings some more world travel. This time to Spain. This arc appears to only be a two part story and this first issue has plenty of witty dialog from Storm Shadow and plenty of people trying to kill the old ninja. Storm Shadow is just a cut above these phonies though. I can’t say there seems to be a whole lot in the way of a plot though. This could change with the second issue I guess.

The first story in this issue is Storm Shadow being recruited by Anibal Alcazar to kill, well, Alcazar. Storm Shadow doesn’t want to do it. Alcazar persists and warns Storm Shadow that his enemies are all around.

On the way back to his hotel Storm Shadow discovers his room is being occupied by some Spetsnaz officers. These were affiliated with a group that Storm Shadow screwed over a few issues ago. Storm Shadow had the room rigged waiting for them with some poison and a bomb in the phone. Score one for Storm Shadow.

Next, Storm Shadow discovers he is being tracked by some Night Creepers. These guys are camped out in a tower and are using a remote control to signal a sniper gun in a separate tower. Storm Shadow figures this out, buys a remote to also control the gun and takes out the Night Creepers. Of course he does some amount of hand to hand fighting in the process.

Finally, Storm Shadow goes to the beach to relax and get some sun. After some time passes the Red Ninjas emerge from the ocean and attack him. Little do they realize that Storm Shadow has burrowed in the sand and attacks, in full costume, the Red Ninjas. They don’t stand a chance as Storm Shadow makes like a sand storm with his sword.

The issue ends with Storm Shadow meeting up again with Anibal. We don’t get all the details, but it appears Anibal wants to be killed because he has cancer. The issue has somewhat of a cliffhanger.

In short, this issue really illustrates Storm Shadow’s day-to-day dealings with his enemies, but don’t we get that in the main GI Joe title when he’s in it? This story really was about showing how Storm Shadow counter attacks various threats with no real meat on the story. I found this to be a little disappointing. I was entertained, but I want some more story and intrigue or mystery.

The art was ok. I felt it wasn’t as good as the previous issues. I felt Storm Shadow was much too dark and his face barely recognizable.

I think you would really have to be a GI Joe fan or a Storm Shadow fan to get into this book. Even then, I don’t know that this is for everyone. It just doesn’t have a solid story within this issue. It has action, which counts towards the total entertainment value. I, personally, would love it if this book found the same complex level of story we found in the first arc.

3 out of 5 geek goggles.

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G.I. Joe Storm Shadow #6

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