REVIEW: Star Wars Rebellion #10

by Jeff

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Star Wars Rebellion #10
Dark Horse Comics
Story: Brandon Badeaux & Rob Williams
Art: Michael Lacombe & Wil Glass (colors)
The Ahakista Gambit Part 5 -Conclusion

Wyl Tarson has a bomb in his head. His old crimelord boss, Raze, figured out Wyl was a rebel spy and had one planted there to blackmail Wyl into infiltrating the Empire’s central Hub to steal information by re-transmitting the precious data directly to Raze. Wyl got together a motley collection of ex-rebels to help him succeed in his mission or else that bomb is getting detonated.

This issue is the conclusion to this arc and may yet be the strongest. We get some main character death, some betrayal, a surprise ending and, oh yeah, Darth Vader. Wielding his lightsaber, choking some throats and talking some trash. It’s vintage Vader.

For those not familiar with the Rebellion series it takes place during the time period of the original movie trilogy. This particular story arc was strong already without featuring any familiar faces from the movies in the lead band of rebels, so adding Vader was just the icing on the cake.

This issue picks up with Wyl and his sometime willing participants waiting to charge into the Hub. Laynara, a Raze employee (but Wyl sympathizer) and Baco, the lock picker, find themselves at the front door of the Hub with Wyl. While two others of Wyl’s outfilt, Sardoth and Darca Nyl, continue their own private lightsaber duel.

The problems arise when the empire arrives. The Stormtroopers reign down on Wyl as they pick the lock and Vader shows up to school Sardoth and Darca. It is here we see some of the character’s true colors. Members of Wyl’s “team” have their own agendas and the end provides an unexpected twist.

Does Wyl’s bomb go off? Does the Hub’s data get re-directed? And if so, to whom? How many people does Vader kill? So many possibilities with a story like this. It keeps the reader guessing until the final frame.

It’s hard to recommend a story’s final chapter as a jump on point, but this issue is rock solid. The artwork is Star Wars-perfect. Vader looks menacing. The lightsaber fight is clear and illuminates the setting as it should. Expressions of disappointment, betrayal and fear are clear and genuine. All that’s missing is Jar Jar Binks. Kidding.

If you want to be entertained and you like Star Wars old-school style then Rebellion #10 will fill your need nicely.

Four out Five Geek-Goggles

14009 REVIEW: Star Wars Rebellion #10
Star Wars: Rebellion #10

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