REVIEW: Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #25

by Jeff
geekgoggle REVIEW: Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #25

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #25
Dark Horse Comics
Miller, Hepburn & Atiyeh

The big Star Wars crossover, Vector, begins right here with an interesting premise. The story tries to stay true to the title and its characters while subtly introducing the thing that will span the 4,000 plus years. If you didn’t know this was to be a crossover you’d probably never guess that this object was what would cross all the titles.

The issue begins basically with the fallout from the previous arc. The Jedi masters are hosting a memorial for their fallen comrade, but still looking into their “visions” and it’s leading to more plotting. They haven’t forgotten about Zayne, but now they have a new focus, which is a Talisman. During the visions, they saw Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker (who is in a bad need of a tailor), Zayne and Cade along with this mysterious Talisman. Conveniently, the Talisman is on the same planet as Zayne. They dispatch a “shadow” which is a Jedi that has had their identity erased and has a sole existence of serving those Jedi masters who are trying to predict when the Sith will rise again.

The “shadow” is quickly introduced by running into Constable Noana Sowrs and then having to cut the Constable in half once it’s bit by a Rakghoul. While running around in the underground catacombs, the “shadow” finds Zayne and Gryph. Here the issue gets a little odd. Zayne and Gryph play Laurel and Hardy for a few pages as the “shadow” tries to help them, leave them and then rescue them. We learn the “shadow” is named Celeste Morne.

The issue ends with Zayne, Gryph and Celeste falling further into the depths of the underground and witnessing the Mandalorians finding the Talisman. The Talisman basically amounts to a cross between a tick, a crab and a scorpion draped in gold. I don’t know if it’s alive or a magic object. It’s not clear, but what is clear is that Celeste chases after it and the Mandalorians. Zayne and Gryp follow.

I have mixed feelings about this issue. I liked the beginning with the Jedi masters and the assigning of a “shadow” and I liked the ending when the Mandalorians, of all people, find the Talisman. I even liked the Celeste character. I think she has some pretty good potential. I wasn’t a fan of the art at all. The depictions of the Skywalkers were not to my liking at all. Darth Vader is supposed to be menacing and not look like a man in a space suit. Cade looks likes Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I couldn’t even tell the gender of the Constable. It also really bugged me how badly Zayne and Gryph regressed into children for page after page.

I personally think this story with the Vector will be good, but I really hope the character of Zayne isn’t sacrificed for the sake of this story. He became a strong, but still young, character at the conclusion of the last arc and I would hate to see that trashed for this crossover. Despite my complaints, you might find these items minor. If you like this series you’ll probably be pleased overall.

3 out of 5 geek goggles.

14912 REVIEW: Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #25
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #25 – Vector part 1

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