REVIEW: Green Lantern #27

by Jeff
geekgoggle REVIEW: Green Lantern #27

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Green Lantern #27
DC Comics
Johns, McKone, Lanning & Alquiza

The Alpha Corps is revealed and it is creepy. This was a result of the Guardians needing to police themselves, specifically with their new death clause in the rings. Also, this issue gives us some more yellow ring action. As a whole, this issue is great. When you consider this title just came out of the best thing it’s produced in years, this issue holds it’s own and then some.

We begin with John and Hal talking trash about the Marines versus the Air Force. I hate this stuff because these two have done more in one arc of this comic than they ever could have as an armed forces lifer. Not to cut down the armed forces, but these guys fight intergalactic wars, aliens and each other with the deadliest weapon the universe has to offer. Cleaning toilets in basic training doesn’t hold up.

Next we see Amon Sur’s yellow ring making its way to Earth to find a new hand. It finds Jonathan Crane. How cool is that? Awesome use of yet another Batman character in this comic. Nicely done! John Stewart traps the ring and crisis is averted.

We move to the GLs fighting about whether what Laira did to Amon Sur was murder or not. This sequence makes use of many of the newer characters, the laws of the lanterns and throws in some Sinestro remarks to boot. Laira gets sold down a river by the other Lost Lanterns.

The Guardians enter and take Amon Sur’s ring and then decide to enlist some GLs as Alpha Lanterns. The concept of the Alpha Lanterns is to police the GLs. John Stewart is selected, along with five others. Stewart questions and questions until he declines. He is happy later as he finds out that the Alpha Lantern are basically Manhunters. So, had he volunteered he would have been made into a part man-part machine. These things are creepy and excellently drawn.

On the side, one of the Guardians enlists Ash to find the husk of the Anti-Monitor. This is an interesting seed that’s planted here.

In the end Laira asks Jordan what he would have done to Amon Sur had he killed his brother and his family. Based on his history, I’d say Jordan would have killed him as well. In any case, Laira is in deep trouble and the Guardians continue to tease their second law they are enacting.

A rock solid issue. This issue sets up future arcs, it has some action (not a ton), it has newer characters stepping up and it has good moral questions getting asked. It’s a great issue. I refuse to judge it against the war that just wrapped up, but this issue is as good or better than any issue prior to the war. The artwork is great as well. From Ash to Laira to the Alpha Lanterns to Crane, the artwork is outstanding.

This title is as strong coming out of the war as it was at the war’s height. I can’t remember when this title had this many good threads going on at once. It’s an outstanding issue and it would be a good one for a new reader to check out.

5 out of 5 geek goggles.

nov070206d REVIEW: Green Lantern #27
Green Lantern #27

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