REVIEW: Green Lantern #24

by Jeff

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Green Lantern #24
DC Comics
Johns, Reis & Albert

Green Lantern #24 is part 8 in the Sinestro Corps War. This issue doesn’t disappoint in any way.

This issue not only continues the story from GL #23, but it also ties in elements seen in the one-shot special for Cyborg Superman, merges the story from the Green Lantern Corps title and finishes the story started in the Parallax one-shot.

It is impossible to discuss this story without spoiling something so this is your official alert.

Earth is invaded. Green Lanterns from Earth: Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner and John Stewart, are struggling to protect the planet from the invasion. The Justice Society members are fighting the Sinestro Corps while the JLA members battle the Manhunters, as seen in the Cyborg one-shot.

Sinestro finally plays a role in which he taunts his old Green Lantern buddies. Meanwhile, Parallax aka Kyle goes after Hal’s family.

This all occurs over about the first seven pages and then things heat up. Hal battles Parallax and of course he rescues Kyle from Parallax’s grip. Right? Wrong. Hal gets sucked into Parallax along with Kyle. This makes one powerful Parallax.

Guy is sent to find the painting Kyle’s mom made that was the centerpiece of the Parallax one-shot. (See you did need to read that after all.) Guy is intercepted by the Sinestro Corps and just when you figure Guy is in for a beating the Mogo War faction of the Corps enter and start hacking up the Sinestro baddies.

Had enough? We ain’t done.

John Stewart battles Parallax. He’s holding his own. Then Guy shows up with the painting. This wakes up Kyle inside Parallax and we see Hal in there trying to help them both exit. In a moment that finally ties the two main Green Lanterns together, Hal brings Kyle out of the Parallax trap. We have real unity among them that doesn’t involve time travel or Hal coming back from the dead.

Just when you figure this issue is over, the renegade Guardians show up. Ganthet and Sayd come wielding the four Earth Green Lantern’s lanterns. Using all four lanterns, they split up and trap Parallax.

Kyle determines that his destiny is, in fact, to be Green Lantern accepting his ring back. Finally, all four Earth Green Lanterns are together – as Lanterns not Ion – and charge up. Still more than enough bad guys for the remaining issues of this War.

This issue is outstanding. It’s excellence without killing someone off or having someone get shot in the back.

The art work is brilliant. Right down to Guy’s lantern showing off the Michigan logo. My personal favorite was Parallax eating Hal. Parallax looks like he is right out of John Carpenter’s version of The Thing. I was expecting a panel of Wilford Brimley saying “Watch Clark. Watch him good.”

Any downside? Very little. My only gripe is I expected the Superman versus Cyborg Superman to continue and it does not. The one-shot told it would continue and it lied to me. The good news is if you skipped the one-shot you wouldn’t know this. So I guess it’s my fault.

I could also complain about the line John Stewart says about “staying black”, but I’ll let it go because I laughed out loud when Guy said, “Get off the line, Adolf” to Sinestro. My only other minor complaint would be the shape of Kyle’s ring. I liked the old one, but I love that he kept his old mask.

This issue can be read by anyone and be enjoyed. You may not know who John Stewart is or what’s with the little blue midgets, but it is just so entertaining. This is the bomb.

5 out of 5 geek goggles.

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