REVIEW: Green Arrow Year 1 #6

by Jeff

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Green Arrow Year 1 #6
DC Comics
Diggle & Jock

The finale of the year-one tale about Green Arrow. To spoil it for you: he doesn’t die. This review comes a week late because my first copy of this comic repeated five pages from the middle of story over and over again. Now I have a copy intact to read and review.

Green Arrow completes his infiltration of the drug dealer’s camp. The slaves continue their revolt. The bad guys face off with Green Arrow. Green Arrow confronts Hackett again. Green Arrow, China White and Hackett confront each other. No real surprises with this issue.

To be fair this issue was fast paced and resolved all the main plot points. However, this issue failed to deliver on a few fronts.

First of all, Ollie’s pregnant friend, when sharing a quiet moment with Ollie at the end of the comic, never brings up her missing husband. When last she discussed him she wasn’t even sure if he was dead and we are left thinking he is alive – albeit being eaten by rats, but still alive. This is not brought up again. Not even a token, “Too bad the baby’s father is dead.”

Secondly, none, not one of the bad guys are mentioned by name in this entire book. If I picked this up fresh off the street I wouldn’t know what’s going on in it. Other than stuff blows up and Green Arrow doesn’t get along with anyone who isn’t dressed in beige, tattered clothing.

Lastly, the military show up to bail out Ollie and he decides he can downplay the incident to the press once he gets home so that the media won’t show up and ruin the Island the slaves are living on. Are you kidding me? How does the military not stay there and call in medics or aid? The Navy showed up just to pick up Ollie and are leaving all the freed slaves to fend for themselves, but maybe Geraldo will show up later to do some interviews, depending on Ollie’s mood when he gets back to the States. Okay. Sure.

Did I like anything about the comic? Yes.

Ollie didn’t kill the bad guys. He even showed some shock and a touch of remorse when Hackett was killed. Classic Ollie. He always sees the possibilities in people.

I also loved the art. This has been a constant for this series and I hope to see more of Jock taking on Green Arrow. The last page was epic.

I also liked how Ollie’s character got stronger as the issue went on. He was playing the whole thing off the cuff and yet, he was confident the whole time. It was a great upswing in his character.

Plus we see a flare arrow (a minor gimmick arrow in my book) and a trick shot with an arrow. All good stuff.

So there were many elements I liked in this book. Obviously if you have the first five issues you have picked this one up as well. But if you are new to this series then skip this one. You’ll be lost. You might be entertained but you wont have a clue what is happening.

Despite my complaints I loved the art and I liked the pace of the comic. Otherwise it would have been a dog.

2.5 out of 5 geek goggles.

jul070193d REVIEW: Green Arrow Year 1 #6
Green Arrow Year One #6

DC Comics

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