REVIEW: Green Arrow & Black Canary #3

by Jeff
geekgoggle REVIEW: Green Arrow & Black Canary #3

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Green Arrow & Black Canary #3

DC Comics
Winick & Chiang

The opening arc wraps with the same intensity that the previous two issues had. We get action, great dialog and the overall revealing of the plot. We also get, yet another cliffhanger ending. This new series is three for three and is keeping me as a reader when I pegged this series for dead after the wedding issue.

We begin with Black Canary getting tested in the arena. Now that she has agreed to train the army of women, the queen wants to see if she is up to snuff. Mia backs up the whole time with some witty banter that you expect from the Green Arrow family.

Of course, Black Canary is kicking tail. They are really just stalling until Ollie and Connor can get off the Island.

Speaking of whom, they are surrounded and stand little chance of escape. Until Connor unleashes a Batman-bomb that is. The smokescreen gets them away and they jump off a cliff with some great dialog between the two.

Mia, still stalling for time, asks to use the ladies room and is presented with a bowl. I bring this up because this issue provides humor while advancing some of the plot. Mia is saved because she sees the green flair launched from a Batman-lent-boat. Mia and Canary turn on the queen.

Canary wants answers and the queen unveils the plot. Well, most of it.

The queen tells how Deathstroke and others wanted Everyman to replace Ollie and then “die” in hopes of driving Canary to the woman’s Island. Everyman was afraid he couldn’t “perform” in the bedroom, thus giving the ruse away, and panicking leading to him attacking Canary. Not a bad plot, eh?

The part she didn’t give away was that the “queen” is really the old woman from Apokolips and was in cahoots with Desaad. It’s obvious this ties to countdown or something. I cant really explain it all cause I aint reading that stuff. I found this revelation very disappointing in this issue.

Anyway, after the Arrow family unites and all is well, Ollie shows off his “new” costume and things are great. Until one of the Arrow family is seemingly shot dead to end the issue. Pretty cool, huh?

The artwork has been great all along and nothing changes here. I particularly like the rugged look Ollie sports on the Island. His costume show was a nice way to show the artwork as well.

In short, this issue is really, really good. My only complaint is I don’t know how well I will be able to keep up with it while it ties to the other DC universe stuff like Countdown and Final Countdown, etc that I don’t read and never plan to read. I want to keep reading this series, but this cloud looms overhead each issue from here on in. I’d hate to drop it though, but I fear I will have to because I wont understand what’s going on in it. We’ll see.

Color me green. I really liked this arc sans the wedding issue.

4 out of 5 geek goggles.

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