REVIEW: Fall of Cthulhu #6

by Jeff

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I used to think that the idea of hell, despair, and horror, were set in stone as a fiery cave filled with cartoon characters whipping and poking the damned. This imagery has done a great disservice to the potentially terrifying reality of such a place. Few mediums have been able to capture true horror in this sense, but now we have another title to add to that short list. Fall of Cthulhu takes us on a gripping journey through these ideas and the insanity that they inspire. The evil in this story is not the usual kill ‘em all, bad guy evil, but instead it is subtle and hidden behind conspiracy and seeming normality. It brings new light and contrasting hopelessness to the traditional fight between good and evil as the hard and fast lines of friend and foe become blurred and distorted.

The main story follows the struggle between cult followers, Elder Gods, and human innocents. While forces beyond mortal understanding are attempting to initiate the call for Cthulhu (a demonic entity), innocent people are driven insane from the sheer fear and comprehension of its existence. Full of blood and mayhem, Fall of Cthulhu is a must read for any occult/dark comic fan.

The 6th installment of this young comic is the first issue of a new arc that continues unfolding the main story line. The story telling changes slightly as it transitions from a more personal narrative to a broader 3rd person narrative. We also lose the artistic contrast between the real world’s grays and blues and the dream world’s stark pastel greens, yellows, and pinks. I suspect that we will not have long to wait before we get thrown back into the chaotic dream worlds landscapes and creatures as the story further unfolds, so do not fret.

In this issue we follow Mr. Arkham’s servant Conner with an expedition through the arctic to recover a lost artifact of pure darkness. Be prepared because this issue feels a lot like set up for things to come and does not have it’s usual carnage or insanity but you will definitely be sad that you missed it.

Lastly, if you are new to this ongoing series, like me, you might want to check out some of the previous issues to catch up on a little back story. This story is dark and it is certainly not for the faint at heart so read at your own discretion.

Fall of Cthulhu issue 6 entitled The Gathering, Part 1 of 5: Sysyphyx is written by Michael Alan Nelson, Drawn by Greg Scott, and Colored by Joel Seguin. Fall of Cthulhu is published by BOOM! Studios as a monthly release.

may073284f REVIEW: Fall of Cthulhu #6
Fall Of Cthulhu Mavillain Cover A #6

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