Eleventh Hour #1 and #2

by Jeff
ComicListCritiques Eleventh Hour #1 and #2

ComicList Critiques by Charles LePage

Eleventh Hour is an anthology title from Orang Utan Comics. The stories range from action/adventure to war and science fiction.

After reading #1 and a preview of #2, I found it to be generally well written and drawn. Most of the stories are written by founder Peter Rogers. The book uses a variety of artists, all of whom seem to be a step above most of the people working on this level of “independent” comic. The scripting and plotting are likewise of above average quality, though the one shot stories all seem exist to lead to a shock or twist ending. Plus, most of Peter’s stories contain, in my opinion, a load of unnecessary foul language. I’m personally more impressed when a creator is able to inject tension or drama in a story without resorting to common vulgarity.

I’m not certain what the Orang Utan merger with Markosia means to the future of Eleventh Hour, but I hope Peter and company continue to hone their skills. I have every reason to believe they have a bright future in the world of comics.

ComicList gives Eleventh Hour 3 out of 5 Eds. (Ed Brubaker being the most talented and capable comic book creator currently working, to be awarded even one Ed is an honor.)

ed Eleventh Hour #1 and #2ed Eleventh Hour #1 and #2ed Eleventh Hour #1 and #2

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