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Berserk Volume 19

Sometimes I try to imagine what it would be like to be a cursed, one-eyed warrior, carrying a sword a foot wide and as tall as myself. Then I remember that no one in the world can ever be as epically badass as Guts from the cult hit Manga series Berserk. He is a character I have admired for his sheer will of force and determination for several years now and I feel that no fan of Manga and Anime can be worth his or her salt unless they have had a healthy dose of his glorified carnage. Come prepared for bloodshed because you will find no sympathy here.

This Manga series is currently ongoing in both America and Japan and this particular volume is the collection of Chapters 144 through 154. The overarching plot in Berserk is one of struggle, triumph, betrayal, and revenge. The story follows the exploits of Guts, from when he is a young mercenary with everything to prove to a renowned battle hardened warrior known through out all the lands as the Black Swordsman. The many plot points are extensively complex, revolving around several key characters and would be far too tedious to explain here and now (if you really want to know, then READ IT!!!). To briefly sum up the recent events: Together with his companions Isidro and Puck the elf, Guts is set on a path of revenge and destruction to save his former comrade and lover Caska from all of humanity and hell itself.

This volume follows Guts and his crew as they attempt to rescue Caska from, first, the pagan worshipers and then the Holy Iron Chain Knights who are on a mission to purge the world of heretics. As the rescue is in progress, demon entities and massive blobs from hell (drawn to Caska by the brand on her chest) begin an onslaught against her captors, killing all in their path. Guts and crew plow their way through knights and demons towards the captive Caska, only to be thwarted as they are separated and recaptured by the knights. The fight continues as the volume progresses so read on!

Volume 19’s addition to the ongoing story is a must and while I feel that there is a bit too much down time from the action towards the middle, the battles are juicy and there is plenty of carnage to go around for Berserk lovers everywhere.

Berserk is an extremely violent Manga and is definitely not for everybody, although I, myself thoroughly enjoy its wild medieval styled violence, so squeamish or sensitive readers beware!

This Series is published by Dark Horse Comics here in America, releasing a new volume about every two months. This volume went to retail on 09/26/07 and available wherever comics are sold… probably.

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