REVIEW: Baby Mouse

by Jeff

Cold Cut Product Spotlight — Baby Mouse!

Babymouse is back! Two new books by Newbery Award-winning Matthew and Jennifer Holm are available, featuring the adventure of Babymouse! Published by Random House in black, white and pink, 96 pages, recommended for young girls between the ages of 6 and 10. Note that neither of these two books were offered through Diamond.

0375832319.01.MZZZZZZZ REVIEW: Baby Mouse
Babymouse: Beach Babe
by Jennifer Holm, Matt Holm

In “Beach Mouse”: Grab your sunglasses! School’s out and Babymouse is headed to the beach for a week of sun, sand, surfing, snorkeling, and sharks! That’s right, folks . . . sharks! Looks like Babymouse’s summer fun isn’t shaping up quite the way she expected! Will Babymouse survive her summer vacation? Will she be the surfing star she dreams of being . . . or is she sharkbait?!

0375832327.01.MZZZZZZZ REVIEW: Baby Mouse
Babymouse: Rock Star
by Jennifer Holm, Matt Holm

In “Rock Star”: Move over Mozart! Babymouse has music in her soul…but sadly, not in her flute. Will Babymouse ever hit the right note? Will she be the star of the school concert, or is her musical career all washed up before it’s even started?

* Baby Mouse vol 3: Beach Mouse Random House 5.95
* Baby Mouse vol 4: Rock Star Random House 5.95

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