REVIEW: World of Warcraft #6

by Jeff
geekgoggle REVIEW: World of Warcraft #6

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World of Warcraft #6
Wildstorm Comics (DC)
Simonson, Lullabi & Hope

The assassin gets dealt with, Broll gives up what he fought for in the last issue, Valeera finds her friends and Lo’Gosh gets some information on who he is. While it sounds like an awful lot happens in this issue, what is actually presented before us has some oddities that just doesn’t make it quite all fit. It’s not to say the issue was bad, I liked it, but I felt some of the things in this issue didn’t all click together.

Valeera is tracking the assassin who is out to kill Lo’Gosh. She is discovered by other elves who don’t like the kind that Valeera is. Valeera learns from them where the assassin is heading and she escapes.

Elsewhere, Lo’Gosh and Broll are in the Night Elves capital city of Darnassus. Broll hands over the crystal he fought so hard to obtain last issue to the ruler, Fandral. This is a very unlikely turn of events. Even as Broll explains it away to Lo’Gosh the reasoning behind this just isn’t clear. It would be like hitting the lottery and giving over the winning ticket to some stranger who promises not to cash it but keep it safe for you. It just doesn’t add up.

Valeera again overhears some conversations about Lo’Gosh and the assassin asking questions about them. She is able to pick up the location that they are all headed. This is a little too coincidental even for a comic book. In the capital city she manages to find a couple of people who are talking about Lo’Gosh and happen to know where he is going.

Finally Valeera spies the assassin right on the tail of Lo’Gosh and Broll. Since no one ever looks behind them Valeera is able to fire on the assassin before he fires on Lo’Gosh.

Valeera and the assassin battle in a spider web while Lo’Gosh and Broll arrive at their destination: Theramore. Once Valeera downs the assassin she is left wounded in the bog. Someone aids her by bringing her to Theramore.

In Theramore, Lo’Gosh learns some of what he is and what his past is and is then reunited with Valeera. It’s a bit corny, but it isn’t too surprising.

A pretty good issue but not among the better ones in this series. You probably could have guessed that Lo’Gosh was a king or a prince or some type of lost royalty, but you probably couldn’t have guessed that the issue will be filled with ironic coincidences. The battle between Valeera and the assassin was pretty good but we still don’t know much about the whos and whys of the assassination attempt. The fact that Broll, a powerful elf, wouldn’t be able to know he was being followed in broad daylight is a little disconcerting.

One positive that can’t be denied with this issue is that it moves fast. We don’t spend any more than a couple of pages in any one setting or with any one set of characters. It’s tough for the mind to wander off when a story moves along multiple plot points.

The art is good, but not outstanding as it has been. Perhaps the lack of new creatures or races (except the spider) helped to keep the artwork at lower than normal bar.

This series has been very good. This issue falls a little short of the norm that it has set for itself. Generally speaking the issue just has some quick fixes to get everyone together and get Broll to give up his power. It seemed too rushed. Something tells me next issue will have much more about Lo’Gosh, which has the potential to be very cliché, but I’ll be there to find out.

3.5 out of 5 geek goggles.

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World Of Warcraft #6 (Cover A)
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World Of Warcraft #6 (Cover B)

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