REVIEW: Wolverine #64

by Jeff
geekgoggle REVIEW: Wolverine #64

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Wolverine #64
Marvel Comics
Aaron, Garney & Keith

Part three of the ‘Get Mystique’ story arc takes a little bit of a step back. It’s still a solid story, but we get a bit of a return to some of the traps with telling a Wolverine tale. Overall, the story is well thought out and has fantastic art. It’s been one of the most enjoyable Wolverine stories I’ve read in years.

This issue picks up right away with Wolverine’s plan to get to Mystique, who is posing as a Senator hanging out with Marines. Wolverine has the Afghans drag his body to the military base. His body? Yes. You see, Wolverine blows himself up and “dies” and the locals bring his body to the base to be logged as a terrorist. This is an extremely clever story twist. However, Wolverine recovers very quickly from being blown up. Sound familiar? It should because Wolverine’s vulnerability has all but vanished in this current rendition of the comic series. This is a shame because this arc had a return to Wolverine having a difficult time healing and it taking a long time to fully complete.

Meanwhile, the flashback scenes have Wolverine and Mystique pulling a bank heist. It’s fairly boring and not very intriguing. This is too bad because there were possibilities with this idea of them hanging around each other and other carnie folks. This, yet another, Wolverine origin story ends in a lame way with Wolverine getting left holding the bag while Mystique disappears. I was never a fan of the origins elements of Wolverine and this just cements that impression all the more.

The issue picks up with Wolverine confronting the Senator, Mystique. They battle, but Mystique eludes Wolverine from killing her. It’s a little unrealistic with him being the “best there is at what I do…” but she is a terrorist and with that, I would think a survivor.

Mystique gets away and is armed and ready for Wolverine. But we all know Wolverine can’t ever die so what’s the point of getting some guns and having a fight? There in lies the dilemma with Wolverine.

Hey look, I realize it sounds like I hated this issue and I didn’t. I liked the speed that this story moved along. I liked that it went from flashback to present times and in a couple of instances. I liked the twist with Wolverine blowing himself up and I liked that Wolverine and Mystique actually fought, finally.

My complaints are more about the direction of the character and not about this particularly issue. The only real quirk in this story is that the flashback sequence fizzled at the end. That’s it.

The artwork is outstanding again. Watching Wolverine “heal” is really the highlight. He looks so grizzly and gruesome. Plus, Mystique looks so evil, but so seductive. You can see how Wolverine would fall for her. The artwork really fits this story so well.

This whole arc has been one of the best Wolverine arcs I’ve read in years. Will it make Volume 2 of the Best of Wolverine? No, but it certainly isn’t a forgettable arc by any stretch. It’s obvious that this creative team has a strong handle on this character. The finale should be really good as well.

4 out of 5 geek goggles.

wolverine64 REVIEW: Wolverine #64

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