REVIEW: Star Wars Legacy #22

by Jeff
geekgoggle REVIEW: Star Wars Legacy #22

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Star Wars Legacy #22
Dark Horse Comics
Ostrander, Robinson & Anderson

For a filler issue we sure get a nice story with some excellent usage of the characters at hand. This issue ties up the previous arc’s loose ends and introduces the new threads of an Alliance. Krayt gets really angry too and institutes some genocide. This series is really riding a strong wave of stories.

Krayt addresses the Mon Calamari. He decides that killing the politicians and enslaving the populace would be a good deterrent for other groups who might like the idea of stealing from the Sith. Krayt also proclaims that he wont let the disease that’s killing him, kill him. Seems like Cade was right that he is hiding his true pain from his fellow Sith.

Admiral Stazi watched the tape of the slaughter of the Mon Calamari’s politicians and calms his crew from their rage.

Gahan, who helped steal the ship in the last arc, gets some help in her escape from enslavement and the planet from two Imperial Knights. The Knights want an alliance formed with their boss, Fell, and Stazi. The escape leads to a nice lightsaber dual between one of the Knights and a Sith. Gahan and one of the Knights escape and join Stazi, just in time to warn him of the sabotage the Knights had done to the stolen ship that Stazi is flying. But the bombs were meant for the Sith, not the Alliance who stole the ship.

See? A lot happens in this little filler story. We have some interesting new characters entering the mix. We have the continuation of the politics and space battle strategy that is a cornerstone of Star Wars. We also get some Darth Krayt. This issue moves quickly and gives a lot of good stuff. Add in some outstanding artwork and this issue stands up to any other in this series.

Sure, you might want more Jedi in your stories, but this issue will set things up nicely for the Alliance and ultimately the giant space battles that are sure to follow. I’m sure the possible Alliance will bring betrayals and distrust as well.

This comic is a very good issue. I cant say it’s a jump on point, but it does give you a good base as to what the time period is like. The Sith rule, but their actions are giving others the courage to stand up to them. This series is just among the best out there today.

5 out of 5 geek goggles.

14883 REVIEW: Star Wars Legacy #22
Star Wars: Legacy #22

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