REVIEW: Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #27

by Jeff
geekgoggle REVIEW: Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #27

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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #27
Dark Horse Comics
Miller, Hepburn & Parsons

This issue finally reveals a little about the thread called Vector. For the most part, the slapstick nature of the previous two issues has vanished and we are placed back into the overall seriousness we saw in the last arc. The bottom line is that Zayne is wanted by an awful lot of people. His boyish charm helps blur the line once those who are sent to kill him actually confront him. This story helps develop Zayne, those around him and build up this powerful Sith artifact that will eventually touch Darth Vader.

You may recall that the rakghoul were everywhere in the previous issue. Also, instead of mindless, they appeared to be acting in a coordinated effort. There is no coincidence that the Muur Talisman also arrives when this happens.

In escaping the rakghouls Celeste and Zayne get to know each other a little. Celeste begins to understand that Zayne may actually be wrongly accused of killing the other Jedi students by those who sent her for the Talisman. Those that sent her may be the killers after all, as Zayne maintains. Also, Zayne is starting to get that Celeste is working for those who want him dead. Albeit Zayne is rather thick and it is taking time for this to sink in and him to put the pieces together.

In his efforts to crack into the financial systems, Gryph figures out some of the background of the Talisman. This background not only was badly needed, but it was very interesting. We could have gotten drips of this two issues ago. It also explains the smart rakghouls.

Celeste contacts her masters who order her to kill Zayne. She’s obviously conflicted. She doesn’t know who to believe. Zayne projects a personality without an agenda. He’s extremely believable simply because he seems so green. It saves his life. This also calls into question the role Celeste will play. Could she potentially be a master for Zayne? Her character certainly would make the Zayne and Gryph dynamic more interesting.

The issue ends with the Talisman attaching itself to a new master. The makes the rakghoul army following a new leader. Throw in that the Zayne sent out a distress signal and we have ourselves a set up for a nice battle next issue.

This issue is really good. It isn’t quite great but it’s very good. The reason it’s good is because we regain the thin line of Zayne’s guilt in the eyes of an outsider. It’s an excellent concept and really fuels his character and those around him. This issue is also good because it shows Gryph at his best: stumbling onto useful information. The artwork is also good. The backgrounds for this arc have really helped to emphasize the style of how this story flows. It may not be my favorite style for this book but it is a very good one.

The element for this issue that didn’t work in its favor is the zombie army. I understand how it fits in, but tying it the Talisman to the rakghoul just makes the future arcs questionable in my mind. Are we going to get Darth Vader finding the Talisman and commanding a rakghoul army? I’m just not crazy about the individual arc or the Vector arc. I could get proven wrong very easily.

As a whole I was very happy with this issue and I am really curious to see the long term relationship between Celeste and Zayne.

4 out of 5 geek goggles.

14914 REVIEW: Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #27
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #27–Vector part 3

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