Return of the King Pin

by Matt Tuck

ASM-50-199x300 Return of the King PinAm I the only one more excited about Wilson Fisk’s return to small screens than Daredevil’s? Apparently not since his first appearance is setting new record highs this year.

Amazing Spider-Man #50 ranked as the third-best selling silver age comic for the past month. It’s in good company; it was outsold only by Fantastic Four #52 and #48, which were first and second, respectively.

The ASM #50 sales numbers have been, well, amazing for the past 90 days. In most cases, every grade sold in the last three months has jumped by $100 or more compared to the 2017 figures. Here’s the breakdown of the 90-day sales data.


HIGHEST SALE: $6,600 (March 2017)

This is the highest grade sold in the past 90 days, and it brought a respectable $6,000, which is actually down from last year’s average of $6,187.


HIGHEST SALE: $2,050 (August 2018)

The 8.5 has done very well lately. Going into 2018, the largest individual sale of an ASM $50 was $1,500 from last year.  At the moment, it’s averaging $1,806 compared to its 2017 fair market value of $1,256.


HIGHEST SALE: $1,320 (August 2018)

Here’s another that established a new high in the past two months. Before that, the high was $1,125 from a 2017 sale.


HIGHEST SALE: $920 (June 2018)

The 90-day average for the 7.5 stands at $777, which is a significant increase from the 2017 FMV of $648.


HIGHEST SALE: $760 (May 2018)

We’re very close to seeing the bar being raised. Of the five sales since the beginning of August, none have sold for less than $700, and one brought $750. If you want to get a 7.0 for under $800, you’d better do it soon.

FINE + 6.5

HIGHEST SALE: $700 (May 2018)

It won’t be long before this grade is routinely selling for over $700. There have been four sales so far in September, one of which was for $696.

FINE 6.0

HIGHEST SALE: $575 (March 2018)

If you don’t mind sacrificing the grade, this is a much cheaper option compared to the 6.5 and 7.0. While the high was set at $575, the 6.0 tends to hover in the $500 range.

FINE- 5.5

HIGHEST SALE: $515 (August 2018)

The high sale may be a bit misleading for the 5.5. While one did sell for $515 last month, the average is $445. Out of the 14 sales this year, that was the only one that went for more than $500.

FINE 5.0

HIGHEST SALE: $400 (August 2018)

The last two sales have been for $400 and $375. The 90-day average is currently $382, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the FMV break $400 in the coming months.


HIGHEST SALE: $385 (August 2017)

When a 4.5 sold for close to $400 last August, it was definitely an outlier. After all, the other 13 copies sold at this grade in 2017 were for under $300. These days, it’s inching to that $400 mark; the last seven sales have all been for over $300, and the last one sold for $375.


HIGHEST SALE: $330 (August 2018)

Four of the last six sales have been in the $260s, but the most recent was for $300 on September 23.


HIGHEST SALE: $269 (March 2018)

When you get down to the very good/good range, you get to see a comic’s true popularity. Over six sales in 2018, it’s averaged $228, which is a significant boost from the 2017 average of $161. When you have to spend over $200 for one in the very good range, it’s hot.


HIGHEST SALE: $220 (June 2018)

The lowest grade that has sold in the past 90 days, the 3.0 has averaged $170 in 2018 with a new record-high sale.

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