Return of the Fantastic Four

by Matt Tuck

119992_b02b967b793b62e358649232c6c94a4965565ada-200x300 Return of the Fantastic Four

No matter what anyone from Disney/Marvel says, the Fantastic Four have been on the backburner since Fox won’t make a deal to give back the film rights. And, no secret, that is why the Fantastic Four as we know it is no more, at least in the comics.

However, Marvel has announced that the good ol’ FF (supposedly the original lineup) is getting a revamped series, and that is boosting interest in Marvel’s first family. Today we take a look at the key FF issues from its original series that are picking up pace in the Hottest Comics.


That boost can be seen on eBay sales as “Fantastic Four” #48 has been steadily climbing in the Hottest Comics rankings. Over the past month, FF #48 has gained 28 places and is a respectable 17th overall. What makes this comic so popular? If you happen to have a copy, you are holding Marvel history in your hands. This is a classic Stan Lee/Jack Kirby comic that saw the debut of two of their most popular creations: the Silver Surfer and the planet-devouring Galactus.


You don’t see a lot of self-titled Inhumans comics on the list of hottest sellers. You have to drop all the way number 148 to find the first comic with “Inhumans” in the title, and that spot is held by “Inhumans” #1.

One would think that the new television show would help that, but, so far, “Inhumans” has been getting a rather cold reception. However, the classic Lee/Kirby “Fantastic Four” #46 with the first appearance of Black Bolt is still a popular seller. This month, FF #46 has risen to number 36 among the top selling comics.

Just behind in the rankings is the first full appearance of the Inhumans in “Fantastic Four” #45. So far this month, it is the 40th-hottest selling comic on eBay. While you can’t deny that, even if it isn’t critically acclaimed, the television show is bolstering sales, I like to think that the appeal of the classic Jack Kirby art and the Stan Lee script are keeping these two in the top-40 comics.


What makes the Fantastic Four comics so important to Marvel history is the volume of key issues and first appearances in those initial 100 issues. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe giving virtually every character his/her own movie, collectors find themselves returning to the pages of the FF for those all-important first appearances.

Black Panther has always been one of the more popular characters in the MU, but fervor for his new solo movie keeps that first appearance issue high in sales. And where did Black Panther first grace the pages of a comic? “Fantastic Four” #52. While this one may have slipped some in the sales list – FF #52 dropped to number 68 this month – it will forever remain a consistent seller.


Maybe Marvel can’t put the FF in a film anytime in the foreseeable future, but they can still use the lasting image from a classic FF cover in their movies.

In one of the after-credit scenes following “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2,” we see the famous cocoon/birthing chamber that was on the cover of “Fantastic Four” #67 as Ayesha says, “I shall call him…Adam,” heralding the introduction of Adam Warlock to the MCU.

Originally in the pages of FF #67, the mysterious cocooned opened to find a golden man known simply as Him. Only later would he take on the name Adam Warlock, so the MCU is skipping ahead a bit in the character’s history, and that’s understandable.

This month, FF #67 holds tight in the top 100 as it is a solid 85th.

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