Retailers: why pay to be listed in a locator service?

by Jeff

masterlist Retailers: why pay to be listed in a locator service?Diamond Distribution today announced a “special rate” for retailers to be listed in the Comic Shop Locator Service. Sounds great, but why pay to be listed? Why not list or update your current listing FOR FREE on the The Master List of Comic Book & Trading Card Stores? Take advantage of the opportunity to spend ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to get more customers to your store!

Diamond’s announcement to retailers:

Diamond is once again commemorating the anniversary of the Comic Shop Locator Service with a special half-price rate in March for customers who wish to sign up with the service, as well as for current members who want to renew their registrations.

For a limited time, specialty shops can sign up on a monthly basis for $5.00 per month, or annually for $50.00 per year. Mail order services that want to register during this time period can do so at the reduced rate of $100.00 per month, or annually for $1,000.00. (Normally, the cost of CSLS membership is $10.00 per month/$100.00 per year for regular shops, and $200.00 per month/$2,000.00 per year for mail order services.) The minimum registration period for the CSLS is one year.

“The CSLS has been invaluable for the retailers who participate, as it has helped so many consumers find their way into those specialty shops,” said Leslie Bowser, Diamond’s Ad/Public Relations Manager. “This special promotion is the perfect opportunity for those who haven’t signed up to get in on a great thing for half the price.”

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