Resurrection TPB From Oni Press Available for Pre-Order

by Jeff

FEB094410E Resurrection TPB From Oni Press Available for Pre-OrderWhat if Earth was laid siege by aliens for a decade . . . only for them to suddenly disappear, leaving the tattered remnants of humanity left to try to pick up the pieces? That’s what Oni Press’s Resurrection, by Marc Guggenheim and Douglas Dabbs, asks.

All of the disparate factions are here: shady government officials, battle-scarred survivors, radical insurgents, and even a couple of folks who might know exactly why and how the aliens invaded in the first place. It’s set to become a major motion picture through Universal Studios, so now’s the time to pre-order Resurrection TPB Volume 1.

This is an interesting concept to me because the action isn’t centered around the alien invasion or occupation–it mainly deals with the humans who have survived and are trying to rebuild society. In this Lord of the Flies-type environment, it’s a crapshoot to guess who will end up in power!

Has anyone read the Resurrection series yet? How do you think it will translate to film? Post your comments below!

Author : Elisabeth@TFAW

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