Reprints on the Rise

by Norman Robinson III

724338_true-believers-amazing-fantasy-starring-spider-man-1-200x300 Reprints on the RiseFor many years I ignored reprints, never gave them a second thought. Then I found some copies very cheap in a second-hand store. They were from 1995 and I figured why not? It is so cheap compared to the original. This book probably isn’t worth anything but I always wanted to read the original Captain America. I didn’t think anything of it and went home with my purchase. After reading the book, I checked on GoCollect what my mint comic was worth and was flabbergasted to read I had just purchased something for $1.99 that could be worth $100. That is one heck of a patriotic speculation. Even newer reprints like True Believers Amazing Fantasy #1 (first appearance of Spider-Man) have value and are moving up in price and ranking. Don’t throw your old reprints away, save for the long haul. These reprints are on the rise check out the returns on these classics.

True Believers: Amazing Fantasy Staring Spider-Man #1

Inside this book, you get two for the price of one: a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 by Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko (writers), Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko (art) and Amazing Spider-Man #6 all in one reprint. True Believers is ranked 51st most popular Modern Age comic book (GoCollect).  True Believers: Amazing Fantasy Staring  Spider-Man #1 is the first appearance of ole’ Web-Head, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and at a more reasonable price point than the original. Amazing Fantasy #15 is going for sick amounts of money now, so much so that most people cannot purchase it without taking out a second mortgage.

This reprint of the birth of Spidey, the headliner for all of Marvel is one to own. True Believers: Amazing Fantasy Staring Spider-Man #1 has had a total of 10 sales over the last year: grade (9.8) sold for $99, grade (9.6) sold for $32, and even (9.4) has value and sold for $27. Now if you compare this to Amazing Fantasy #15 the real comic to a reprint. The comparison is apples to oranges as the real book sold in May for $6750 in a grade of (0.5).  On the other end of the scale, a (9.4) has an FMV of $975,000 in February 2016 (GoCollect). Bottom line, most of us will not own the first real appearance of Spidey. However, we can own the next best thing a reprint in mint condition.

Conversion Value Uptick

It seems to transform the value of the original and it’s price increases gets distilled into the reprint market. Perhaps the more popular the character the more people want to own a piece of history even a reprint. Sure this is not huge money, but they are becoming valuable collectible pieces regardless. Recently, Marvel has published reprints that people are actually collecting and they are not only retaining value but some are moving up the rankings many with the True Believer moniker.

Marvel Milestone Edition#?

Probably the most popular first patriot is Captain America. He first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 (1941). The reprint is Marvel Milestone Edition#? and this comic has shown real promise as a collectible reprint. Reprints are popular comics that most people have never read and so Marvel will print reprints and push them out to the public. Sometimes they catch on, other times they clog up the bargain bins at most comic stores. Marvel Milestone Edition #? was created in March 1995 to little fanfare and quickly became one of the anonymous millions of forgotten comics. This issue in (9.6) grade has seen a 16.2% return and the (9.2) near mint has seen a 61% rise in price. Back in 2013 this book sold for $31, jump forward four years and the same book sold for $49. That is a nice return for very little risk. The great thing is people will still give these away cheap. Use your super soldier senses and find a couple of copies in near mint condition, or better at any bargain bin. The chances are you will pick them up for pennies and a good cheap CGC slab will boost that return substantially.


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