Rediscover America in BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA

by Jeff

jun121131 Rediscover America in BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMAMedia Release — What does it mean to live in America today? If you know there’s no right answer to that question, you’ll want to read Barack Hussein Obama — a book about you; about your country, your family, your president.

Barack Hussein Obama is not a graphic novel. It’s neither a biography nor an experiment, but a whole, fully-realized parallel America, a dada-esque, surrealistic satirical vision that is no more cockeyed than the real thing, its weirdness no more weird, its vision of the world no more terrifying, where the zombie-esque simulacra of Joe Biden and Hillary and Newt and Obama wander, if not exactly through the corridors of power, through an America they made and have to live in, like it or not.

American cartoonist Steven Weissman takes from the lives of the leader of the free world, his friends, his family, his sworn enemies, and gives them a new life that is both withering and oblique, devastating and contemplative, chaotic and pellucid.

Before you lose your will to vote, read Barack Hussein Obama.

13-page excerpt (download 6.3 MB PDF)

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Barack Hussein Obama
by Steven Weissman

112-page full-color 7.25″ x 9.25″ hardcover • $22.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-623-2

Ships in: September 2012 (subject to change)

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