Red Handed Studios announces acquisition of Talon

by Jeff

talon_cover Red Handed Studios announces acquisition of TalonMedia Release — Red Handed Studios announced today that in addition to their already popular Fallen Justice and forthcoming Dynagirl titles, they’ve added another exciting book to the stable in the form of the Small Press Idol 2007 winning title ‘Talon’.

Careful observers will note that Scottie Ray Watson was added to the Red Handed Studios family back in March of 2009 as he and RHS founder Cary Kelley embarked on ‘Seppuku Blues’, their collaborative title about a futuristic ronin’s fight to stay alive long enough to save the life of a child she barely knows.

“We discussed Talon at the time,” Kelley recalls, “but because of obligations on both sides there were a lot of things left hanging, and Talon was one of them. Now that some of those things have resolved themselves, we’re very pleased to bring Talon under the Red Handed banner and we’re extremely excited about the chance to work with Scottie and the rest of the team on this incredible project.”

Watson and company are already hard at work on the forthcoming Talon graphic novel after having completed the origin story from Small Press Idol 2007. “We’ve been through the ringer,” Watson explains, “So many times we thought Talon wasn’t going to happen because of life issues and setbacks. It was a rough time all around, but we pushed through it and came out the other side stronger for the experience. Now we’re firing on all cylinders and ready to show the world what Talon is all about. Being a part of Red Handed Studios and seeing the energy there, I couldn’t imagine a better fit for what we want to accomplish. We’re having a blast!”

Currently the release schedule is still in revision as Kelley and his group put things in order for the coming year and what looks to be an exciting convention season.

“Right now, we’re focusing on the two things Red Handed Studios has always been known for: quality and honesty. First and foremost, RHS books have to be good, balanced books giving the fans top-notch art with the very best story we can bring to the table. Next, we release the books when we say we will, meaning if it’s solicited from Red Handed, you know it’s going to be there.” From what Kelley and Watson can discuss, it also appears that Talon will have access to a wide variety of options through it’s association with Red Handed Studios, only increasing exposure even further.

“At this point, the sky’s the limit.” Kelley confirms, “Talon is a full fledged Red Handed title, with everything that implies. It will get the same treatment as any other book, including listings in Haven, porting to digital media devices, the works. You’ll see Talon everywhere you see Fallen Justice or Dynagirl, and in some places you might never expect.”

Kelley is also very clear on the past as he discusses Talon’s Small Press Idol history. “Make no mistake this move does not remove Talon from association with Dimestore Productions in any way. What it does do is give Talon and Scottie the home they’ve been looking for in terms of collaboration and camaraderie. Red Handed Studios has an excellent relationship with Dimestore Productions and we fully intend to continue that relationship, making it stronger going forward.”

Talon #0 is currently available in a 24 page black and white format through Dimestore Productions and in the Red Handed store directly. While fans wait for the forthcoming graphic novel, they will soon be able to get the original story in full color when Red Handed releases an as yet untitled compilation book in the summer of 2010, showcasing the wide variety of talent and stories available from Red Handed Studios.

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