Red 5 Comics Debuts Beautiful Creatures

by Jeff

JUL091028 Red 5 Comics Debuts Beautiful CreaturesMedia Release — September marks the release of “Beautiful Creatures”, an action comedy series in the vein of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and magical wonder of HARRY POTTER.

The series follows the adventures of four close-knit college girls who share a bond beyond wine and hot tubs… within each of them lies a hidden beast of mythology. After an attack by bloody-thirsty unearthly knee-biters, the secret passengers boil to the the surface, unleashing ferocious powers of self-defense. The four friends are thrust unwillingly into a world of magic and monsters to tame the demons inside.

“Beautiful Creatures” is a limited series told in two double-sized value-priced issues. It features the storytelling talent of Shuster nominated writer Kurtis J. Wiebe (Vehicle Magazine) with pencils by fan favorite Ash Jackson (Eve: Vampire Diva) and colors by web cult wonder Frank Zigarelli (Underwater Radio Theatre).

RED 5 COMICS is the creation of Paul Ens, former Director of Lucasfilm’s Lucas Online division, and Scott Chitwood, co-founder of and contributor to Its titles include “Atomic Robo, ” “Neozoic,” “Afterburn” and “ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction” – the latter two optioned for major motion pictures. In its short history, Red 5 has twice been nominated for the Joe Shuster Award, twice nominated for the Eisner Award (for “Atomic Robo”), and won the 2007 GEM Award for Best New Publisher.

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Beautiful Creatures #1 (of 2)
Written: Kurtis Wiebe
Pencils: Ash Jackson
Colors: Frank Zigarelli
Letters: Frank Zigarelli
Publication Date: 2009-09-23
Format: Comic, Full Color, 6.5 x 10, Soft Cover, 50 pages
Price: $4.95

Diamond Code: JUL091028
UPC: 811316010436

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