Realities of the Alternate Type

by Michael Vlachakis

173711_b4c4eb554087bdd463f2bcbeb07947d0dbedaabc-198x300 Realities of the Alternate Type

Just when you thought things were going snaptasticly, the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer dropped and it looks like the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will have another problem to deal with…alternate realities!  Let’s hope this does not become overtly complex…like what they did with the Sliding Doors or the Matrix.  In my estimate, the whole alternate reality concept can be fun if done properly, and we can speculate about all of the amazing alternate versions of characters, places, and story-lines that can be utilized in the upcoming Marvel offerings.  This is a speculator’s dream.  I mean, Mysterio as a hero…Amazing!

There are a few glaring adaptations that I hope Marvel takes advantage of in light of this new information on alternate realities:

Sentry – The idea of alternate versions of Earth in the MCU sets up a nice intro for the character Sentry.  Robert Reynolds has a complex origin and backstory that includes being created by a version of the Super Soldier serum that created Captain America, and being “erased” from the memory of the Earth’s inhabitants to save them from his evil half.  A Sentry movie could allow for a similar concept to End Game, where we see how Sentry was integrated in the MCU and subsequently removed using past clips and story-lines.  Copies of Sentry #1 are flying and it appears that fans believe he will make an MCU appearance.  If we happen to get treated to Sentry, we will remember that it was also a version of this hero who started the Marvel Zombie crisis.

Squadron Supreme – Now would be a great time for Marvel to introduce the Squadron Supreme/Sinister.  For those unfamiliar, the Squadron is a group of heroes/villains who are an homage to the main DC heroes from the Justice League.  Why not show DC that you can do their heroes better than them?  Bring in Hyperion, Nighthawk, Power Princess, and have them challenge the MCU’s best.  It’s the comic book mega battle that fans have been pining for since comics were invented.  A multiverse sets up the Squadron invading Earth-616 (or whatever MCU continuity it is) with little set-up and I think we agree that it is something that fans would want to see.

Miles Morales – As we saw with the Spider-Verse cartoon movie that fell outside of the MCU, there are plenty of variations of Spider-Man to go around.  One of the most popular is of course, Miles Morales from the Ultimate Marvel continuation.  I truly believe that Marvel will end their run with Tom Holland by having his story-line end with the use of his blood creating a new Spider-Man, much like the origin for Miles Morales’ Spider-Man.  So however unlikely that Miles will be from an alternate universe, it looks like the MCU Spider-Man will be influenced by these alternates…as we see his relationship with Mysterio blossom, there may be more clues to the motives behind his arrival.  With Miles being the star of another set of movies, it may not make sense to bring him into the MCU fold right away, but there is time to speculate.

Are you excited about the possibilities of alternate realities.  Is there a particular character you feel is destined to play a role in the upcoming MCU phases?  Drop your comments and join in the speculation!

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